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Mattermost 2.0: Open Source, localized Slack-alternative:

Hola! We’re a YC-backed open source company releasing a self-hosted, localizable Slack-alternative: Mattermost 2.0. You can download, install and run Mattermost for free as open source software at Just like Slack, teams can share messages and files across PC and phones with continuous archiving, instant search, and dozens of 3rd party integrations. Unlike Slack: 1. …

Meet the Creator: Puppet Module for Mattermost

Huge thanks to Richard Grainger for not only his wonderful work creating the Puppet Module for Mattermost, but also for contributing this guest blog post. If you’re a user or contributor with thoughts to share, please mail  When I worked for my previous employer I became frustrated with the limitations of email and other collaboration tools, …

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