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Mattermost 3.0: Multi-Team Accounts, Japanese, Mobile & Desktop Upgrades, Integrations for Outlook, Ruby & Rust

Mattermost 3.0 offers a long awaited features: multi-team accounts, Japanese language translation, and full width display, plus upgrades to apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac, emojis, and we have new integrations for Outlook, Ruby & Rust. It’s been an amazing month! Mattermost’s major version number increments to 3.0 this release because of a backwards-incompatible change required …

What Slack might learn from its Open Source alternative

What if you could use one Slack account across multiple teams? What if Slack had threaded messaging? What if Slack supported markdown, or languages other than English? Mattermost is a self-hosted, open source alternative to Slack that shows you how Slack might look, feel and work with features that Slack is missing. It’s written in Golang …

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