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Mattermost 4.0.2 released

Mattermost dot release 4.0.2 for Team Edition (TE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) is now available for download. If your deployment is affected by issues this dot release fixes, upgrade is recommended. Otherwise, you can upgrade to the next monthly release which also includes these fixes. This version resolves the following bugs in the Mattermost 4.0 release: …

Galois releases Matterhorn, an open source Terminal Client for Mattermost

Jonathan Daugherty is a staff engineer at Galois, Inc. ( where he works on a variety of projects in Haskell and C and leads the Matterhorn project. I’m pleased to announce the release of Matterhorn, a terminal client for Mattermost. My colleagues at Galois, Inc. and I have been building this client and using it at Galois …

Mattermost 2nd-gen mobile apps released: more speed, more efficiency, more reliability

New 2nd-generation Mattermost mobile apps are officially released, offering greater speed, efficiency and reliability, plus compatibility plans for all major EMM solutions including BlackBerry Dynamics, MobileIron and AirWatch in the future. Faster, more efficient, more reliable Our new mobile apps offer dramatic improvements over our first-generation release, including: Faster load times thanks to lower bandwidth …

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