Mattermost vs. Microsoft Teams / Yammer / Skype for Business

The world is moving from email to messaging. Enterprise CIOs need to decide whether to prioritize messaging as a strategic advantage or to view it as a box to check on their infrastructure list.

For organizations focused on outstanding results, Mattermost offers a powerful workplace messaging solution that raises productivity, ignites innovation, and accelerates high performance teams. From designing electric cars and piloting spacecraft to advancing vital financial infrastructure and ensuring national security, thousands of enterprises are using Mattermost to change the world.

Mattermost combines a stable, enterprise-grade platform with the agility and innovation Silicon Valley startups are known for through two products:

  • Mattermost Team Edition, a free, open source solution for high-performance technology teams that require configurable tools and workflows.
  • Mattermost Enterprise Edition, a commercial solution that scales the productivity of elite teams to large, mission-critical organizations on a resilient and predictable platform.

For organizations where investing in collaboration infrastructure is not intended to create significant strategic advantage, Microsoft offers three messaging products through Office365:

  • Microsoft Teams for organizations up to 999 users per team.
  • Yammer for teams 1,000 users and greater, which features Yammer Apps.
  • Skype for Business as self-hosted option (to be discontinued 2023).

Which solution makes the most sense for your organization?

For Microsoft customers deciding how to define their digital workplace strategy, here are some key considerations:

Enterprise Edition
Microsoft Office 365
Teams / Yammer / Skype for Business
Multi-device 1-1 and group messaging
Communications across web, PC and phones with search and archiving.
Rich content and file sharing
Send and receive richly formatted messages, including Microsoft Office and Office365 documents and other attachments.
Clear and reliable roadmap
Near- and long-term roadmap openly developed and implemented in partnership with community and customers.
Multi-platform support
Support for Linux, Mac, XMPP, IRC, Terminal and non-Microsoft platforms.
Stable end-user experience and API
User experience and APIs on production servers, often supporting vital workflow, can’t change without customer consent.
No data lock-in
Maintain full control of your data in perpetuity. Ability to import, export and transform your communications archive with APIs and unlimited access.
No vendor lock-in
Ability to downgrade to free version and continue using the product without paying for premium features.
Single experience for teams and enterprise
Microsoft offers Teams up to 999 users per team. For 1,000 users and above, they recommend Yammer, with a different feature set.
For Non-U.S. Companies: U.S. government can’t access your data without consent
Ability to avoid consequences of U.S. Supreme Court decision, scheduled for June 2018, on whether the U.S. can access communications data controlled by Microsoft on non-U.S. servers.

For leading enterprises seeking a competitive advantage in inventing the future and shaping the world, Mattermost is the most flexible, innovative and predictable addition to your digital workplace strategy.

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Ian Tien is CEO and co-founder of Mattermost, Inc., an open source platform for secure collaboration across the entire software development lifecycle. Hundreds of thousands of developers around the globe trust Mattermost to increase their productivity by bringing together team communication, task and project management, and workflow orchestration into a unified platform for agile software development.