Effective Incident Management: How to Improve DevOps Efficiency

Best-in-class Incident Response teams centralize their collaboration, desilo information, and align cross-functionally to put an effective incident management plan into action from first alert to post-mortem. 

During this session, Mattermost VP of Engineering Chris Overton and Customer Engineer Paul Rothrock shared their experiences creating best practice incident response workflows and demonstrated how real-time messaging enables DevOps teams accelerate incident response times.  

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Why having a DevOps command center is essential to incident management
  • The role real-time messaging in highly effective incident management
  • What real teams are doing to improve their incident workflows


Chris Overton

Chris Overton, VP Engineering

Chris Overton is VP of Engineering at Mattermost, Inc. He spent his early career in the security space, working with startups in the anti-spyware, encryption, content filtering, and anti-virus spaces. He’s built software for mobile, PC, Mac, web applications, servers, and hardware appliances. Chris’ last several roles have focused on the public and hybrid cloud. Specifically, Chris has had a focus on building and operating public SaaS services, distributed systems, analytics/processing of large data sets, and search. Chris comes to Mattermost from Elastic, where he served as VP of Engineering and was responsible for the Cloud product division.

Paul Rothrock

Paul Rothrock, Customer Engineer

Paul Rothrock is a Customer Engineer at Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost, he served as a support product manager for Oracle. Paul also worked in tech support and as a publisher advocate for AddThis and has held several other software development roles over the years. Paul holds a bachelor of science degree in information sciences and technology from Penn State University.

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