Open Source Tech

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Open source projects

5 open source projects to contribute to in 2024

3Pillar Global

3Pillar Global picks Mattermost for open source adaptability

Command and Control

Accelerating Decision Advantage of Command and Control with Mattermost


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How to train your team to use out-of-band communication systems

what to look for in out-of-band communications solutions

Features to look for in an out-of-band communication solution

Embracing Global Collaboration for a Resilient Future


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Trimming Operational Costs: Unveiling Mattermost’s Cross-Cluster Migration

How to scrape website data using Python

Invest in cybersecurity software

Why should every organization invest in cybersecurity software?


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Support for Extended Support Release 8.1 is ending soon

Mattermost ITOps

Mattermost wins 2024 DEVIES Award for Best Innovation in ITOps

Track keywords

Passively track keywords in Mattermost


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AI community moderation

Leveraging AI for community moderation: A tale of two assistants

Community tech meetups

Bringing open source tech enthusiasts together with pizza

Embracing Global Collaboration for a Resilient Future