Mattermost Overview: Collaboration Built for Developers

Mattermost Overview Brochure

R&D teams lead the shift to the agile, digital enterprise, but doing so is no easy feat. Most of the existing tools are fragmented and siloed, while workflows are fragile and developers are frustrated by friction and misalignment.

Mattermost offers a purpose-built collaboration platform designed for development workflows. Our platform helps your team plan, organize, and run software development projects, while seamlessly integrating with communication and collaboration tools.

Download this guide to learn:

  • Why R&D leaders at fast-moving organizations chose Mattermost to keep their teams agile and aligned
  • How Mattermost accelerates incident resolution, release processes, and other critical workflows
  • How Mattermost helps privacy-conscious organizations stay in control of their data at all times
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Mattermost Overview Brochure