Finally, team chat that is secure
and reliable.

Help your team do their best work with a platform designed to help organizations communicate quickly and securely.

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Communicate and collaborate without the risk.

Mattermost is an open source team communication platform purpose-built for the most security-conscious organizations.

Powering communications in Zero Trust environments

Operate with speed and security

We help your team work faster and get more done by bringing together the conversations, processes, and tools in one place. With Mattermost, you get all the modern end-user features an enterprise chat workspace needs to increase team communication, efficiency, and productivity with the highest security and availability.

  • Organized conversations in teams and channels
  • Fully searchable message history
  • 1-on-1 and group team chat
  • Voice, video, and screen sharing
  • File, image, and link sharing
  • Emoji and rich Markdown formatting
  • Multi-language support
  • High Availability (HA) configuration

Many of our larger members could never discuss security issues with each other in real life because their lawyers would go crazy. But because Mattermost provides a secure platform, they can collaborate with other organizations within H-ISAC to solve problems.

– Josh Singletary, CIO

Secure chat at scale

Mattermost offers modern communication behind your firewall. Run your team chat and communications under your existing security and IT policies. Deploy to public, private, or hybrid clouds with full access to source code and total control of your single-tenant system.

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Active Directory / LDAP Single Sign-On
  • Encrypted Push Notifications via HPNS
  • Active Directory / LDAP Group Sync
  • Okta / OneLogin / ADFS SAML 2.0

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