Secure Team Messaging

Why, how and what secure team messaging means for end users and admins

Weds June 30, 2020 | 11am BST

Regardless of your choice of messaging and collaboration service, two things are crucial:

  1. Quickly and easily applying security controls to safeguard your data and business
  2. Making your user onboarding experience painless

Security options and onboarding workflows are vital to ensuring your data and business are safeguarded and that your users are onboarded as seamlessly as possible.

Join Stu Doherty and Murat Bayan to learn how Mattermost addresses these two diametrically opposed requirements when delivering a chat and collaboration solution.

We’re low on slides and high on user and admin journeys.


Stu Doherty

Stu Doherty, Customer Success Architect at Mattermost 

Stu Doherty is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Mattermost, Inc. Prior to joining Mattermost, Stu held several different customer success and software engineering roles. Most recently, he worked as a customer success and growth consultant at, a senior manager of technology delivery and partner management at TD, and a VP of customer success at Nulogy. Stu holds a bachelor of science degree in systems design engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Murat Bayan

Murat Bayan, Solutions Architect – EMEA at Mattermost 

Murat Bayan is a Solutions Architect for the EMEA region helping customers and users assess, deploy and get the most value out of Mattermost. Before joining Mattermost, he worked as a regional technical manager for the SEMEA region at Lakeside Software, a sales engineer at ElasticBox, and an integration engineering architect at VMware, among other positions. Murat lives in London and holds a master’s degree from École Centrale de Paris.

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