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The June 2022 Build

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What We Upvoted This Month

  1. Successful teams from Apple to Nest write their documentation before their code. Is it a practice worth adopting?
  2. TechOps is a mess. Developers need a better way to integrate the tools they rely on every day.
  3. CLI apps are notorious for bad UX. It’s time for CLI apps to take a few lessons from great GUIs to craft a better experience for users.
  4. Why bringing developer voices into the developer productivity conversation is essential to success. 
  5. It takes all kinds of contributions to make an open source project successful – here’s how to make community recognition more inclusive

Open Source Projects Worth Checking Out

  • Dashy: An open source, highly customizable, easy to use, privacy-respecting dashboard app
  • Ugly Duckling: An open source web scanner for ethical hackers
  • Morph: A database migration tool designed to improve Mattermost schema migrations

Overheard in the Community: 

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