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“Nothing seemed to work as well as Mattermost — Mattermost just looked like the perfect choice for what we needed to do.

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Boost your productivity without cutting corners

Financial service organizations trust Mattermost to help their operational teams collaborate on every business-critical workflow— all while meeting stringent security, compliance, and privacy requirements.

Stay in control of your collaboration data

Deploy self-hosted or to single-tenant cloud servers to ensure your data stays secure, private, and portable at all times.

Self-sovereign Collaboration

Compliance, assured.

Designed for flexibility to conform to your security and compliance frameworks, no matter how complex. Ensure your organization is audit-ready at all times with features including compliance export, custom data retention, and legal hold.

Security Overview

Designed for decisive action

From conversations and files to process documentation and task automation, Mattermost brings everything together in one place, providing your team with the context it needs to respond effectively to incidents of all sizes.

Incident Response

Completely configurable and customizable

Prevent information silos from slowing you down. Mattermost integrates with every tool your team relies on, from popular SaaS applications to legacy tools and proprietary solutions.

Integrations Overview

How automating reporting helps a top 3 bank improve MTTR by 90%

Not only does this team save time and money on the actual response reaction with Mattermost, but in the future, they can quickly pull additional reports, metrics, logs, and anything needed for audit or archival purposes.

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