Mattermost Server Download

Latest Release: 5.13.0
July 16, 2019 – Changelog - Source Code

Modern, self-hosted messaging across web, PC and phones, built on open source software

  • Deploys with open source apps for mobile (iOS & Android) and desktop (Windows, Linux & Mac)
  • Installs as single Linux binary with MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Advanced enterprise features unlock with trial or subscription license key

Docker Preview (single-machine quick install preview without email)

  • One-line install with Docker:
Docker Production Installation (multi-machine installation with Docker compose)
Unofficial open source community install guides:

Try Mattermost on a Bitnami demo server

Auto-deploy Mattermost to Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform or Oracle Platform via Bitnami

Mattermost Mobile & Desktop Apps
Mattermost Mobile Apps (source code)
Mattermost Desktop Apps (source code)

We’re on desktop, too

Keep up with the conversation with our apps for Mac, Windows and Linux. We can email you a quick download link to get you started!

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