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Latest Release: 5.16.0 - 5.16.1 and Desktop 4.3.1 dot releases are currently in progress
October 16, 2019 – Changelog - Source Code

Modern, self-hosted messaging across web, PC and phones, built on open source software

  • Deploys with open source apps for mobile (iOS & Android) and desktop (Windows, Linux & Mac)
  • Installs as single Linux binary with MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Advanced enterprise features unlock with trial or subscription license key

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Docker Preview (single-machine quick install preview without email)

  • One-line install with Docker:
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Docker Production Installation (multi-machine installation with Docker compose)
Unofficial open source community install guides:

Try Mattermost on a Bitnami demo server

Auto-deploy Mattermost to Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform or Oracle Platform via Bitnami

Mattermost Mobile & Desktop Apps
Mattermost Mobile Apps (source code)
Mattermost Desktop Apps (source code)