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Plans to accelerate mission critical work in teams and enterprises

Ideal for up to 50 users


Self-hosted Team Messaging for Private Networks



Channel-Based Collaboration

  • Channels-based messaging including 1-1, group messaging, public and private channels, file sharing, link and media previews across web, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

  • Call another user to start a 1-1 audio discussion in web, desktop, and mobile experiences with optional screen sharing.

  • Accelerate operational and technical success with a collaboration platform integrating with mainstream and customer toolchains, with information rich visualizations of systems and processes, prioritized message broadcasting, and conversational interoperability with technical systems through platform-level Markdown support.

  • Tailor fit and transform your mission-critical collaboration infrastructure with a broad range of configuration and extension options ranging from webhooks and custom slash commands, to bots and API integrations, to building out plug-ins and making source code customizations.

    Search over messages and files in Mattermost. Core search happens in a relational database and is intended for deployments under about 2-3 million posts and file entries. Beyond that scale, Enterprise Search is recommended.

  • Support for English (U.S., Australian), Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Persian, Russian, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) languages.

Community Q&A

  • Community Q&A for Mattermost Free is available on peer-to-peer forums. Participation in Community Q&A is best efforts from peers and does not guarantee accuracy or response times. Organizations using Mattermost Free to evaluate a future purchase of Mattermost Enterprise can contact sales to apply for early access to commercial support as part of the evaluation process.

Ideal for up to 500 users


Self-hosted Group


USD /user /month

Billed annually

Everything in Free, plus:

Advanced Access Controls & Automation

  • Centralize, integrate, and automate identity management and access controls by enabling Mattermost to operate as a SAML 2.0 service provider. Integrate with SAML 2.0-based providers including Entra ID (formerly Office365 SSO), Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft ADFS SAML Configuration, and Keycloak, among others.

  • Simplify sign-on and user management with non-SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) options including Open ID, Google SSO, GitLab SSO. Moreover, Mattermost offers “same sign-on” with Active Directory/LDAP by enabling the same credentials used in on-prem AD/LDAP deployments to be reused in Mattermost, with optional multi-factor authentication (MFA).

  • Simplify and accelerate user administration, access control, and compliance by synchronizing Active Directory and LDAP with Mattermost, including SSO with AD/LDAP credentials, synchronization of user display attributes (e.g., first name, last name, email, and username), automated account provisioning on a user’s first sign-on, and automated assignment of Mattermost roles based on a user’s LDAP group. Plus, improve compliance with administrator settings managed in AD/LDAP by having the Mattermost System Console honor LDAP filters for disabled users, guest users, and administrative users.

  • Empower admins to manage and moderate multi-team deployments with the ability to configure channels to be read-only, to restrict channel mentions and emoji reactions, and to lock channels down so that users can only be added or removed by selected administrators.

Multi-Team Collaboration

  • Streamline real-time collaboration with complete privacy by enabling group audio calling and screen share for up to approximately 50 concurrent users in any group call per self-hosted server. High-scale options for private, self-hosted group calling and screen share are available in Mattermost Enterprise with the setup of its horizontal scaling option.

  • Bring external users and users who need to have restricted access into your Mattermost instance as guests who can interact with your team with limited permissions. For billing purposes, activated guest accounts consume a licensed seat, which is returned when the guest account is deactivated. Simplify communication by creating custom user groups to mention and notify up to 256 users who work together on projects or in functions or have other ties.

  • Notify users across teams of upcoming system maintenance, service changes, and other announcements using system-wide announcement banners.

AI Platform Capabilities

  • Enable organizations to work with LLM-powered AI bots through Direct Messages, Group Messages, threads and @mentions to bot in private and public channels.

  • Connect Mattermost to any LLM platform compatible with OpenAI protocol across public cloud, private cloud and air gapped edge including OpenAI, Llama, Anthropic, and custom LLMs.

Professional Support

  • Professional Support includes business hours support from 8am to 8pm United States Pacific Time (UTC-8 except for U.S. daylight savings time), with next business day response time via email and the Mattermost online ticketing system. For more information, please see this.

Ideal for 500+ users


Collaboration Hub for Mission-Critical Work

Everything in Professional, plus:

AI-Accelerated Collaboration

  • Enable organizational interaction with LLMs with permission-restricted access to Mattermost conversations, threads, call and meeting summaries to summarize topics, answer questions and follow-ups, note action items and open questions and compose draft messages and responses.

  • Run AI-accelerated operations in private cloud, air-gapped and disconnected, denied, intermittent and limited-bandwidth (DDIL) environments with open source and custom LLMs self-hosted alongside workflow, chat operations, audio calling, screen sharing, recording, transcription, analysis, workflow and summarization capabilities.

  • Concisely summarize unread messages, action items and unanswered questions in channels to focus attention and accelerate priority responses and workflows.

  • Receive secure and compliant real-time answers to questions about permission-controlled backend systems connected with Mattermost channels which can optionally pass back end user credentials to work with access-controlled data. For example, asking a channel connected with an issue tracking system which code defect tickets they have access to which could expose security vulnerabilities.

  • Optional full trace mode for detailed monitoring and to verify Responsible AI/LLM assurances by recording every prompt, question, AI request and response across users, systems and LLM-backends and platform source code into specialized audit logs for analysis.

Scale and High Availability

  • Enable business continuity through component failures using cluster-based deployment with multiple application servers, multiple database servers, and multiple front-end proxies and/or load balancers.

  • Scale to tens of thousands of users with horizontal scale-out architectures offering a range of deployment options from on-prem data centers to cloud-based hyperscalers, including AWS and Azure.

  • Enable enterprise-scale search after exceeding 3 million posts in the Mattermost database by deploying Elasticsearch with dedicated indexing and usage resourcing via cluster support.

  • Track system health in large deployments, including deployments on high availability clusters, using advanced performance monitoring integrated with Grafana and Prometheus. Enable advanced logging for optimizing and troubleshooting high-scale, mission-critical deployments — including error, panic, debug, trace, and conditional logging — to a full range of destinations (e.g., Syslog and TCP target options).

  • Enable high-scale, high availability deployment of audio calling and screen share through dedicated servers managed on an integrated Kubernetes platform.

  • Simplify and automate IT administration through Mattermost’s supported options for deploying to Kubernetes clusters running either on-prem in data centers or in managed services such as Amazon EKS, Azure Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, DigitalOcean Kubernetes, and others.

Advanced Compliance & Administration

  • Automate management of users, groups, access controls, and channel and team membership through synchronizing with Entra ID/AD/LDAP Groups.

  • In large deployments where administrative tasks need to be separated and delegated, Mattermost supports the creation and customization of system administrator roles with specific granular permissions in order to offer specialized administration delegated from senior administrators.

  • Meet data retention compliance requirements. By default, Mattermost uses a “soft delete” system where messages and files deleted based on user actions are removed from the user interface but persist in the Mattermost database. By activating Mattermost’s data retention policy, capability rules can be set to permanently delete all messages and files in a Mattermost system or in specific teams or channels that are beyond a specific age (e.g., 30 days, 90 days, or other options). This feature should be used carefully; once data is removed using data retention policies, the action is irreversible.

  • Fulfill eDiscovery and compliance requirements with manual and automated export of message history to Actiance, Global Relay, and custom compliance formats.

  • Increase clarity on legal expectations for internal employees and guests with the ability to set custom Terms of Service (“ToS”) agreements and re-acceptable periods.

Enterprise Mobility

  • Enhance mobile security by deploying with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to secure mobile endpoints with management application configuration and Mattermost AppConfig compatibility.

  • This capability protects a Mattermost customer against breaches in iOS and Android’s notification infrastructure by enabling mobile notifications to be fully private. The standard way to push notifications to iOS and Android applications requires sending clear text messages to Apple or Google so they can be forwarded to a user’s phone and displayed. While Apple and Google attest that the data is not collected or stored, all standard mobile notifications on the platform could be compromised should the organizations be breached or coerced. To avoid this risk, Mattermost can be configured to replace mobile notification text with message ID numbers that pass no information to Apple or Google, and which, when received by the Mattermost mobile application on a user’s phone, are used to privately communicate with their Mattermost server and use the message ID to retrieve mobile notification messages over an encrypted channel. As a result, at no time will such message text be visible to Apple or Google’s message relay system. Because of the extra steps to retrieve the notifications messages under Mattermost’s private mobility capability with ID-only push notifications, end users may experience a slight delay before the mobile notification is fully displayed compared to sending clear text through Apple and Google’s platform.

Workflow Automation

  • Collaborative playbooks provide structure, monitoring, and automation for repeatable, team-based processes integrated with the Mattermost platform. Use cases include incident response, software release management, and logistical operations. Playbooks monitor channels for keywords or user actions to trigger a structured process, which brings up a set of individual or shared tasks, each associated with manual or automated actions. As playbooks execute, some may have requirements for broadcasting status updates to stakeholders at regular intervals, to conduct retrospectives after the core process is complete, or to meet other customer needs as exit criteria for a playbook “run.” Advanced permissions are also available to delegate and manage playbook controls in larger organizations.

  • Workflow dashboards unlock insights about the performance of collaborative workflows across organizations. They compare the output metrics from different runs of collaborative playbooks against targets and historical performance. Examples of metrics-based workflow dashboards that can be set up to monitor and inform performance include time to detect and time to resolve in incident response workflows, workplan completion percentage for monthly software releases management workflows, and launch success rate for logistical workflows involving launch operations.

Federated Communications

  • Increase focus and adaptability across your organization by connecting users across Microsoft Teams and Mattermost. Microsoft Teams often serves as a centralized, organization-wide standard for general collaboration and everyday productivity, which can complicate the business case for customizing workflows and integrated toolsets to meet the specialized needs of technical and operational teams. Mattermost is often deployed to supplement a centralized, general-purpose Microsoft Teams deployment with a dedicated environment for developers, security professionals, and operators whose potential is unlocked by having a dedicated environment. Integrated direct messaging and group messaging across Microsoft Teams and Mattermost deployments connect an organization to the best of both worlds.

  • Communicate across organizations using Mattermost by synchronizing messages, emoji reactions, and file sharing in real time through Mattermost Shared Channels.

Enterprise Support

  • Enterprise Support is available 24×7 at all times on all days via email and the Mattermost online ticketing system with a 4-hour response time service-level target. For more information, go here.

Enterprise Support Add-ons

Available as an additional purchase for Mattermost Enterprise customers, Mattermost Premier Support offers additional license entitlements for non-production environments, direct access to senior support team members, screen-sharing and audio calling for P1 and P2 tickets, and access to a private channel with Mattermost technical staff. For more information, read this.

  • Mission-critical 24×7
    • 1 hour-L1, 2 hour-L2
    • Licensing for up to 4 standalone, non-production environments
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Frequently Asked Questions


Mattermost Professional and Mattermost Enterprises licenses are sold as prepaid annual subscriptions based on the number of annual seat licenses purchased, or “seats”. Each seat license purchased entitles a customer to an “activated user”, which is a user registered on a specific Mattermost server and not deactivated. Administrators can view user status in the System Console and activate and deactivate registered users at any time. Deactivated users have history and preferences saved.


Yes, Enterprises can inquire about Mattermost Cloud Enterprise, as a single-tenant cloud-managed service for Mattermost Enterprise hosted by Mattermost, Inc. The system is offered on the same Kubernetes-based platform as the self-hosted edition, and managed by Mattermost, Inc.

For more information, contact the Mattermost Sales organization at


Please review our U.S. government offerings at to contact channel partners and resellers. You can also contact Carahsoft regarding Mattermost by phone or email with the information at


Governmental organizations outside the U.S. that need to procure licenses through resellers can contact the Mattermost sales organization at to connect with existing resellers by country and geographic region, or to onboard new approved resellers.


Please contact the Mattermost sales team at to find a reseller for your geography and organization. Resellers can read about our partner programs at


During the period of the annual license, when the number of activated users exceeds the number of seat licenses purchased, additional seats should be purchased on a quarterly “true forward” basis. For example, if activated users exceed licensed seats in the first quarter since annual licenses were purchased, then additional seat licenses should be purchased for the remaining three quarters until renewal, with an invoice amount prorated for the annual cost of the license.


Yes, please see the information here.

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