Command and Control

Accelerating Decision Advantage of Command and Control with Mattermost

In the fast-paced, dynamic landscape of multi-domain operations, military commanders need to be able to make rapid, data-driven decisions and seamlessly coordinate units to achieve mission success.

The multi-domain fight is incredibly complex, incorporating ground, air, space, and cyber, and as a result, has driven the evolution of traditional command and control (C2). Over the last 20 years, C2 has evolved into Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR). To further complicate matters, we now face adversaries who can create contested environments that degrade and deny some of our C4ISR capabilities.

In the midst of these complexities, however, data creates decision quality and drives decision advantage to support the C4ISR construct when leveraged with real-time mission-critical collaboration.

Maximizing the value of all data  

Achieving decision advantage requires greatly accelerated tasking, collecting, processing, exploiting, and disseminating operationally useful information that informs timely decisions at all levels of the joint operating forces and government.

Both civilian and government organizations today have more data sources under their control than ever before, driving an increase in investments in data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. However, the majority of these organizations struggle to realize actual business value from their data initiatives. 

In many cases, this is due to the fact that they have the wrong tools in place.

Streamlining collaboration with purpose-built tools

Collaboration between organizations is crucial during the planning process to ensure decision quality and decision advantage. Once an operation moves from planning to action, C2 requires real-time collaboration between mission elements. Here, it’s critical to have a robust collaboration solution to ensure close coordination.

Today, the average organization uses over 250 different applications. This cacophony of tools creates several significant problems, including data silos, which prevent teams from seeing the complete picture, and context switching, which stifles productivity.

There’s a simple solution to this problem: deploying a unified tool that brings data, people, and tools together in one place. 

Mattermost, for example, is an open source collaboration platform that enables teams to unlock the full value of their data through webhooks and other integrations that automatically pipe mission-critical data to secure channels. This enables teams to easily access all relevant data and trigger workflows directly in the platform. Mattermost also delivers a secure mobile app, enabling soldiers and military staff to stay connected in the field.

When dealing with mission-critical data, military leaders simply can’t afford to compromise on security. Since Mattermost can be self-hosted on infrastructure defense agencies control — behind their own firewalls, and even deployed in air-gapped environments — it’s an ideal collaboration solution for C2 ChatOps initiatives.

Facilitating real-time discussions & coordinating multiple teams

With open, transparent real-time communication taking place on Mattermost — the same place all data, tools, and workflows live — the platform becomes a digital command and control center. Different departments can stay on the same page via a centralized information hub, allowing for seamless coordination across multiple teams. 

Since everything that’s important is stored in one place, commanders can easily review all conversations, feedback, data, and suggestions from the team from their console. Due to the real-time nature of the data, commanders will also know where all equipment is at all times, the conditions of their facilities, and which procedures are being employed in the field. 

Using this information, they can assign personnel to tasks, track progress, and receive status updates in real time. Thanks to Mattermost’s robust security features and granular access controls, all sensitive mission data stays safe.

Making data-driven decisions with the full picture

With Mattermost powering C2 operations, commanders get the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re making decisions while seeing the complete picture; they don’t have to worry about critical data collecting dust in silos no one knows exist. 

As a result, commanders can optimize resource allocation and accelerate data-driven decision-making using the most current data. To speed up decision-making even more, they can also deploy AI tools like OpenOps to automatically summarize meetings, conversation threads, and unread messages.

Add it all up, and with the right tools in place, C2 teams can accelerate time to decision, enabling them to make critical decisions faster when the stakes are highest, saving lives and resources.  

Achieving mission and operational success in less time

With all necessary data, tools, and people in one place — and all staff connected digitally no matter where they happen to be in the world — commanders can rapidly implement decisions and broadcast them to all relevant stakeholders, enabling them to execute their plans seamlessly and respond to changing conditions in real time.

With a digital command and control operations center, it’s that much easier for military units to accomplish their objectives — whether that’s winning a battle, evacuating a team, or even simply optimizing field operations and logistics.

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