Keep essential services always on, always compliant

Accelerate key workflows to ensure utility services stay connected and systems are secure with Mattermost

“If you value your data and privacy and aim for high reliability and general ease of use, then self-hosted Mattermost is by far the best option out there.”

Jan Šídlo, Head of IT

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Secure essential communications for essential services

Energy and utilities providers are at a high risk for cyberattacks but provide critical infrastructure services that can’t be compromised. Ensuring that your communication systems stay online and secure at all times is critical.

Accelerate key workflows and protect sensitive data with Mattermost – a secure, self-hosted collaboration platform purpose-built for critical infrastructure.

Accelerate incident response and reduce time to resolution

Mattermost is more than messaging — share and optimize critical workflows for repeated processes from within your chat window, ensuring that your team has the context and visibility they need to respond quickly to incidents of any severity.


Maintain complete data sovereignty and privacy

Ensure your data stays secure, private, and portable at all times with the ability to deploy to self-hosted or single-tenant cloud servers—and even to air-gapped environments.

Self-Sovereign Collaboration

Compliance, assured.

Designed for flexibility to conform to national and local security and compliance frameworks, no matter how complex. Ensure your organization is audit-ready at all times with features including compliance export, custom data retention, and legal hold.

Security Overview

Reducing outage response times for national power grid operations in HQ and in the field

“Feedback showed that we needed to strengthen our reporting procedures with tools dedicated to the crisis.”

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