Deploy code quickly without sacrificing security

Empower your team to streamline DevSecOps workflows while meeting evolving security and compliance requirements.

Deployed by the world’s leading organizations

Critical infrastructure requires reliable support.

Critical infrastructure enterprises play an essential role in keeping everything from utilities to emergency services online. But communication tools designed for 9-to-5 business operations can’t pace with complex workflow needs and high security and compliance standards.

Mattermost provides a secure, integrated ChatOps platform for DevSecOps in complex environments to ensure critical infrastructure teams can deliver, defend, and operate vital software systems effectively.

Ship software quickly and efficiently

Increase the focus and efficiency of developers, security engineers and systems operators for essential operational workflows. Self-hosted, customizable ChatOps infrastructure streamlines integration across hybrid and in-house tooling and automation.

Platform Overview

Improve uptime and service levels

Real-time conversations facilitate faster communication, improve detection and remediation of stability issues, and prevent small issues from becoming major incidents.


Streamline security and compliance

Integrate continuous monitoring, custom compliance features and security automation into real-time DevSecOps workflow to simplify and accelerate issue detection and resolution, reducing cost and elevating efficiency.

Security Overview

Mattermost is a collaboration hub designed for DevSecOps

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