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Collaboration for Mission-Critical Work

Accelerating mission-critical work in defense, government, and critical infrastructure enterprises

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Deployed by the world’s leading organizations

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Purpose-built for organizations vital to national security, public safety and critical infrastructure

Integrated Security Operations

Increase resilience with faster detection, response, and remediation workflows.

Out-of-Band Incident Response

Prevent small incidents from becoming major issues.

Self-Sovereign Collaboration

Meet evolving data control and user needs for real-time workflows.

Command and Control

Accelerate decision advantage, resilience, and real-time outcomes.

Real-Time DevSecOps

Speed software cycles with integrated ChatOps in strict security environments.

Purpose-Built Collaboration

Accelerate mission-critical workflows across people, tools, and processes.

What sets Mattermost apart

We help more focused, adaptable and resilient decision cycles and outcomes.


Flexible platform that’s fully customizable and can be deployed anywhere.


Collaborative workflows and integrations to help focus on mission-critical work.


Fully self-sovereign infrastructure and complete service control to reduce third-party risk.

Secure enterprise collaboration with full control over your data


Single source of truth for every conversation, process, and activity

Channels eliminate communication silos and let your teams collaborate freely. Message, meet, talk and screen share within fully secure, searchable channels.

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Orchestrate and execute repeatable processes with better command

Checklist-based process playbooks with workflow orchestration in one unified location.

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AI-accelerated workflows with 100% data control

Harness the power of any LLM alongside your conversations without sacrificing flexibility, privacy, or security.

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Built for the strictest security, privacy, and compliance requirements

Deployable in on-prem (or air-gapped) environments, highly-regulated industries trust us to help them move fast with the lowest risk.

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Segmented Deployment

Deploy to air-gapped edge, private cloud, or public cloud

Mattermost offers multiple deployment options so you can collaborate effectively even in the most protected and secretive environments.

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USAF improves mission information availability by 4x

“Using Mattermost offers a huge benefit in mission velocity and safety. We found that also gave us a lot more time to fix cargo and fuel problems before the crew even shows up at the airplane.”

Major Justin Poole

Phoenix Spark Innovation Cell Director at Travis Air Force Base

Built for teams with stringent security & privacy requirements

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  • Built-in identity and access controls
  • Granular admin controls
  • Full control over your data
  • Advanced compliance auditing & reporting
  • Flexible on-prem and secure cloud deployment
  • Designed for enterprise scalability
  • Deployable in air-gapped networks and BYOD environments
  • Cloud-neutral and self-host deployment options

Flexible, extensible integrations that fit your workflow

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