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3Pillar Global picks Mattermost for open source adaptability

As a software product company that helps customers bring new products to market, 3Pillar Global relies on tight-knit coordination and communication to move projects forward.

When the team was looking for a new collaboration solution that would enable them to communicate in real time, they decided they preferred an open source option.

“Adopting an open source solution aligns with our company’s values of supporting the open source community and contributing to the development of technology,” says Abhinav Seshadri, senior system administrator at 3Pillar. “By using open source software, we can also contribute to the development of the product and help improve it for other businesses and users. Plus, an open source option gives us more control and flexibility.”

As 3Pillar began searching for an open source solution, the developer team came across Mattermost — the secure collaboration hub for technical teams — on open source forums. 

Liking what they saw — including unlimited teams and channels, custom integrations support, and playbooks — they deployed the solution and haven’t looked back since.

“One of the main advantages of using Mattermost is the ability to customize it to our specific needs,” Seshadri explains. “We can add new features and integrations tailored to our business and improve the overall user experience.”

To this end, the team uses incoming webhooks to automatically pipe instant updates from different platforms into Mattermost. They’ve also added the Jira, GitHub, and Matterpoll plugins to further extend the solution.

Additionally, Mattermost gives 3Pillar more control over their data and security, something that’s becoming increasingly important in today’s digital landscape. 

What would Seshadri say to similar organizations looking for a collaboration solution?

“Mattermost offers more control and flexibility,” he concludes. “Adopting an open source messaging solution is a wise and strategic decision for businesses with aggressive growth intent.”

To find out how you can increase focus, adaptability, and resiliency with a secure collaboration hub, get started with Mattermost today.


Justin Reynolds is a Technology Community Specialist based in Connecticut who joined Mattermost in June 2017.