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The rise of protestware in open source repos: The April 2022 Build

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What We Upvoted This Month

  1. A breakdown of Atlassian’s biggest outage ever — and the lessons engineers can learn about incident handling by studying it.
  2. Protestware is popping up in open source repos to protest the war in Ukraine. But is it helpful or harmful to the open source community? 
  3. Using Kanban boards to unlock better collaborative workflows
  4. We know internal documentation is essential to success. So, how do you create a culture where everyone contributes?
  5. In the age of containers, orchestration, infrastructure-as-code, and Kubernetes — where it’s cheaper, faster, and simpler to deploy a new instance of an app — here’s how to build a SaaS architecture with a single-tenant application.

Open Source Projects Worth Checking Out

  • Dagger – A portable dev kit for CI/CD from the founder of Docker.
  • xGitGuard – A security tool from Comcast to detect secrets exposed in GitHub repositories.
  • FastTreeSHAP – A Python package from LinkedIn for fast interpretation of the TreeSHAP algorithm.

Overheard in the Community: 

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