Meet even the strictest compliance requirements

Mattermost deploys to both cloud and on-premises infrastructures. And it’s under IT control, so you can use Mattermost to accelerate productivity while meeting even the most strict compliance requirements.

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“When we were looking for a highly secure, easy-to-deploy solution to manage communications for a robust command center, Mattermost exceeded our expectations and enabled us to replicate the functions of a well-funded operations center at a fraction of the cost. We were dealing with incredibly sensitive information and the security capabilities of Mattermost were exactly what we needed.

vince crisler

Vince CrislerPartner at Fortalice Solutions


What Mattermost does to ensure corporate compliance

Mattermost pulls all conversations into a centralized location that makes it easier for regulated organizations to implement a corporate compliance program. Trust Mattermost to keep your data secure and help you meet your regional, industry, and company-specific requirements.

Our compliance program:

AICPA SOC2 Type 2 (coming soon)

  • Regional

    Organizations across dozens of countries use Mattermost to meet the laws and regulations of their governments. For example, GDPR in the European Union and HIPAA in the United States.

  • Industry-specific

    Financial services, healthcare, and medical organizations around the world use Mattermost as an effective program to ensure compliance with industry-specific requirements.

  • Company-specific

    Companies can manage sensitive data under their own internal policies and procedures, according to HR, corporate governance and legal needs. For example, enforce a code of conduct.

How Mattermost helps with compliance efforts

Thousands of regulated organizations across the globe use Mattermost to increase their agility, efficiency and innovation through the platform’s industry-leading capabilities:

  • Self-hosted deployment and database ownership

    Deploy to private, public or hybrid clouds, or on-premises in data centers. Retain full control over your company’s sensitive data with no third-party monitoring.

  • Built-in access control

    Define granular controls for enterprise data archiving to keep data properly secured and accessed.

  • Advanced mobile security

    Mattermost mobile apps work with EMM solutions. Full source code is available for custom solutions.

  • Compliance auditing with oversight

    Pull compliance reports on user conversations and behaviors. Audit logging enables oversight and protection of ethical boundaries.

  • Cloud single-tenancy and data isolation

    Mattermost Cloud offers a dedicated Kubernetes cluster, fully isolated from other customers, fully managed by Mattermost with the highest security.

  • Enterprise Information Archiving integration

    Connect to EIA systems along with custom solutions to meet regulatory needs.

  • Encryption at rest and in transit

    Keep data safe with encryption under your control, at rest and in transit.

  • Full access to APIs, drivers, and open-source code

    Leverage the industry’s most flexible messaging platform to meet sophisticated security requirements.


Case study

The distributed team at Galois, which serves government agencies including NASA and the Department of Defense, used Mattermost for collaboration while staying in control of company data and compliance requirements.

Read how Mattermost worked for Galois

Community Apps

Community apps and integrations

Open source code integrations developed by the Mattermost community are available for download, customization and deployment to private cloud or on-premises infrastructure. Mattermost connects to hundreds of third-party applications and systems.

Find integrations


Export compliance overview

Export (and import) controls can vary depending on the federal and state laws of the jurisdiction where an organization operates. Many countries outside of the U.S. have similar controls on exports for the same reasons.

Learn more about the controls in various jurisdictions

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