Integrate Messaging with Atlassian Tools

Add on-premise collaboration to Atlassian Server and Datacenter products

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mattermost atlassian

Mattermost + Atlassian

Get automated notifications in Mattermost
Set up automatic notifications from Atlassian products to individuals, groups, and channels.

Trigger actions and updates directly from chat
Use slash commands to trigger updates in Jira, Confluence or Bitbucket directly from a Mattermost chat window.

The most secure messaging platform
Confidently communicate across teams, share code, and collaborate on critical infrastructure updates behind your firewall

The most secure messaging platform

Deploy to public, private, or hybrid clouds with full access to source code and total control of your single-tenant system. Run your vital communications behind your firewall and under your existing security and IT policies. Unlike with SaaS services, you maintain complete control over your messages and data.

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Mattermost integrates with your favorite tools

A two-way integration between Jira and Mattermost

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Easily migrate from Hipchat for on-premise messaging.

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Send Statuspage notifications to Mattermost channels

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Connect your Confluence instance with Mattermost

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Two-way integration to send updates, and acknowledge, close or assign issues

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Configurable, bidirectional app to integrate Mattermost and Bitbucket

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Migrate from Hipchat to Mattermost

With the sunset of Hipchat, enterprise teams are turning to Mattermost for secure, self-hosted messaging and collaboration. Migrate all your Hipchat users, data, and integrations in a few simple steps.

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Mattermost is the clear leader in on-premise and private cloud messaging platforms where security and data control are critical.

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