Accelerate your mission-critical workflows

Align your people, tools and processes into a single hub, purpose-built for operational work.

Deployed by the world’s leading organizations

Bring essential operational work into focus with Mattermost

IT and security teams use more tools than ever to manage mission-critical workflows – as noise and context switching can drown out essential information when it matters most.

Mattermost brings together every toolchain in your team’s mission-critical workflows to centralize and surface critical information, automate repeated workflows, and enable fast, context-driven decision-making.

Accelerate operational efficiency and resilience

Do more with less on a real-time collaboration platform customized for the tooling, workflows, and team members vital to the rapid, efficient execution of every critical process, from software release coordination to Sev0 incident response.

Platform Overview

Reduce context fragmentation for better real-time outcomes

Integrate modern and legacy systems into vital workflows to improve information visibility and system observability while eliminating blind spots.

Integrations Overview

Keep your data in control without compromising usability

Self-hosted deployment options and comprehensive security and compliance features ensure that your data stays secure and portable, now and forever.

Security Overview

Purpose-built for technical and operational teams

How Mattermost accelerates collaboration for technical teams

Learn more about technical collaboration with Mattermost

Give your team the right tools to do their best work

Empower your team with purpose-built collaboration hub for more effective, efficient workflows.