Mattermost for Microsoft Teams

Extend your Microsoft environment with a secure digital hub for technical teams

A new solution for Microsoft Teams

Mattermost for Microsoft Teams enables Central IT organizations to provide an extended customization experience for technical and operational teams while staying firmly integrated into the Microsoft 365 all-employee platform.

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All-employee platforms aren’t designed to support the complex requirements of technical teams

Your technical teams need not only the best tools, but also the best environment to use those tools. An all-employee messaging solution like Microsoft Teams lacks the automation, customization, and extensibility of an open source platform. When environments are lacking, workflows break and errors occur. Extend Teams with Mattermost for the best environment for everyone.

When technical teams thrive, your organization grows

Securely connect to specialized systems

Fast and secure web and mobile communications improve information availability by 4x.

Maintain control and custody of IP during incidents

An operational command center that reduces first response time on security incidents by 90%.

Bolster business continuity when you need it most

Dedicated services and resources keep your team online, saving up to $100K/minute in prevented downtime.

Accelerate success in technical and operational workflows with a dedicated collaboration environment extending the Microsoft Teams experience

Secure, highly customizable team messaging extension

Use shared channels and integrated voice, video, screen share, and calendar across the Microsoft Teams and Mattermost experiences, plus unified user management and authentication through Azure Active Directory and Active Directory Federation Services Single-Sign-On.

Integration with complex toolchains

Connect your teams to all of their technical and operational systems, including custom tools and legacy software using their technologies of choice.

Control of sensitive IP

Retain full data control of all messages, files, voice and screen share outside of Microsoft Teams in customer-controlled encrypted databases on private clouds or public clouds including Azure, AWS and GCP.

Multi-cloud approach to business continuity

Deploy Mattermost for Microsoft Teams on private or public cloud infrastructure independent of Azure to maintain vital communications and security and resiliency functions during an outage on the Microsoft 365 platform.

Mattermost offers a broad set of integrations and services designed to work with Microsoft technologies

Pre-built Outlook calendar integration

With a two-way integration between Outlook calendar and Mattermost:

  • See a daily summary of calendar events
  • Sync calendar status automatically into Mattermost (e.g., “Away” if you have a meeting on your calendar)
  • Accept or decline calendar invites
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OneDrive integration for Office 365

Integrated OneDrive experience within Mattermost via Make or Zapier allows you to:

  • Automatically upload new files or post messages in Mattermost
  • Send notifications for new files & folders uploaded to OneDrive
  • Upload and share files in OneDrive

A Collabora Online plugin for Mattermost allows you to view and edit Office 365 files, i.e., Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

User Management with Azure Active Directory

Set up Azure Active Directory (AD) for user provisioning in Mattermost:

  • Sync groups to predefined roles in Mattermost
  • Automatically add and remove users from channels based on AD group membership
  • Assign team and channel roles to groups
  • Manage and delete groups with access to Mattermost
  • Use @ mentions to notify users in AD group

SSO with ADFS and Office 365

Manage user provisioning with Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS):

  • Enable single sign-on to Mattermost with ADFS credentials
  • Automatically federate user identities from ADFS to Mattermost, e.g. full name, email, username
  • Automatically provision accounts in Mattermost for new users signing in with ADFS credentials
  • Automatically manage admin access to Mattermost with ADFS attributes

As an added bonus, Mattermost supports Office 365 SSO with support for Microsoft Active Directory Tenants.

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