Integrates with every tool in your team’s stack

Bring essential information into your collaboration workspace for more context, without the context switching.

Bring your tools, people, and processes together

Integrate your favorite tools so you don’t have to continuously switch between them to get your job done. Build robust processes with visibility and control. Automate routine tasks with deep tool integrations, plugins, APIs, and webhooks that make your work flow.

Mattermost Connections & Integrations

Flexible options to fit your needs

Robust tool integrations

Get more out of your mission-critical workflows with robust integrations with the most important technical and operational tools in your stack, like GitLab and ServiceNow.

Mattermost Interface displaying integration menu

Custom apps

Lightweight, interactive add-ons and customizations written in any language and run on any HTTP-compatible hosting service. Build your own, or browse the app directory

Open APIs

Full API access and docs with language-specific drivers to integrate with your own applications. Build bots, interact with users, and orchestrate workflows via a robust REST API

Interface displaying Mattermost integrations


Add powerful customization to the server, desktop, and web apps without contributing to the core codebase. Build your own full featured services (written in Go) or browse the plugin directory.


Post to channels or listen for new messages with incoming & outgoing webhooks. Slack-compatible —not ‘Slack-limited’— just copy & paste the URL and the integration will work.

Example code blocks behind a custom Mattermost webhook

Collaboration, the open source way

Your tools should adapt to the way you work — not the other way around. Customize Mattermost with integrations from our community, or build your own!

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Built for technical and operational teams

Slash Commands

Turn any channel into a CLI. Use built-in or custom slash commands to execute custom actions directly in the Mattermost UI.

Custom Bots

Deploy interactive bots to issue commands and receive responses directly in a channel. Build your own bot or browse what the community has to offer.

Interactive Messages

Use interactive message buttons and menus directly in a channel with webhooks, custom slash commands, and plugins. Increase productivity and engagement.

CLI Data Import

Post HTTP requests with JSON payloads into a Mattermost webhook. You can do this using `curl` or use an open source tool, like mattersend to create an integration.

Embed Mattermost

Use the Mattermost API to embed Mattermost into web browsers and web applications. Learn more.

Zapier Support

Mattermost supports Zapier to enable connection to over 700 tools, like Gmail, GitHub, Jira, BitBucket, and Confluence.

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