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Mattermost Support 

Mattermost offers a variety of support options for customers and community members alike. Please see the links to the right for quick access to resources.

We invite everyone to join the Mattermost Community collaboration server at to connect with our community of over 12,000 developers, contributors, and Mattermost staff. We have many channels to connect you with your peers to assist you with everything from getting set up to contributing to the code base. Learn more in the documentation.

Information on how to get further involved can be found on our community page.

In addition to the various community support resources, paid subscription plans include support from the Mattermost customer success team, as well as several optional support packages. 

What’s included:

  • Communication with IT administrators deploying and managing Mattermost
  • Installation and upgrade assistance
  • Configuration and implementation guidance
  • Identifying, creating, and tracking appropriate bug reports

Optional Support Upgrades

Customers on Enterprise plans with over 1,000 users can upgrade to Premier Support and receive mission critical response times of one hour for Level 1 and two hours for Level 2 severity issues. Premier support also includes the following additional services:

  • Direct access to senior support engineers – Premier Support tickets receive responses from senior support engineers with advanced technical and customer service skills to help customers with complex environments and mission-critical needs.
  • Development team priority – Priority is given to issues from Premier Support customers escalated to the development organization for assistance or fixes.
  • Screen-sharing, collaboration phone calls, and health checks – Premier Support customers can reduce time to resolution by working with the Mattermost support team over phone or audio conference and screen-sharing sessions to isolate, identify and troubleshoot critical issues.
  • Installation and deployment advisory – We’ll support your team in properly installing and piloting your deployment.
  • Account onboarding – Our team works with you during a series of onboarding discussions to ensure we have detailed environment information available for your deployment before your first ticket is filed, reducing overall resolution times, questions, and delays for any follow-on issues.
  • Potential to influence product roadmap and prioritization decisions – With privileged access to senior support staff and members of the Mattermost product team, the Mattermost product roadmap is often influenced by Premier Support customers.
  • Licensing – Premier Support includes licensing for up to 4 standalone non-production environments (for example, test and staging environments).

Customers in the United States on Enterprise plans can upgrade to US-only support.

Need a Support Plan?

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