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Move faster and make fewer mistakes with checklists, automations, and tool integrations that power your team’s workflows.


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Orchestrate digital processes that span tools and teams

Use configurable playbooks with built-in task checklists alongside real-time messaging so everyone knows what’s happening now and what to do next.

Ensure quality and visibility

Streamline and prescribe checklists so that each person follows best practice every time. Status updates take away the guesswork to make sure that stakeholders stay informed without the noise.

Streamline tasks with triggers and actions

Automate repetitive work with a no-code framework so that your team can focus on the tasks that matter most.

Improve with every iteration

Retrace what happened and recognize takeaways with retrospective reports and timelines. Incorporate your learnings back into the playbook to make your processes repeatable and scalable.

Integrate and extend the platform

Use an open source platform to get the customization and extensibility you need. Easily use playbooks with the tools you love through APIs, applications, plug-ins, and an ecosystem of community-built integrations.

Rest easy with the world’s most secure collaboration platform

Store sensitive information and trade secrets securely behind your firewall. Secure cloud deployment options also available.

Feature Highlights

  • Customizable playbooks
  • Prescribed and ad-hoc task checklists
  • Automated triggers & actions
  • Deep integration with Channels
  • Retrospective report
  • Retrospective timeline
  • Configurable templates
  • Data export
  • Status updates broadcast
  • Reminder and countdown timer
  • Stakeholder overview
  • Aggregate analytics

Mattermost plays an integral part in our developer toolset. Not only does it enable great communication and teamwork, its new [Playbooks] application and many integration options also allow us to greatly increase our productivity and organization.

William Forrester
Development and Security Operations Manager

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