Build, run, and optimize essential processes

Move faster and make fewer mistakes with checklist-based automations that power your team’s workflows.

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Keep everyone on the same page, every step of the way.

Use configurable playbooks with built-in task checklists alongside real-time messaging so everyone knows what’s happening now and what to do next.

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See how Mattermost can help streamline and optimize your mission-critical workflows.

Enable decisive action for repeated workflows

Scattered documentation, siloed communication, ambiguous ownership, and ad hoc workstreams are mistake-prone and hinder urgent timelines. Playbooks help teams align on common goals by offering clear instruction, context, ownership, and communication.

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Processes when and where your team needs them most

Minimize context switching when seconds matter. Playbooks integrate your processes into your messaging platform to keep everyone aligned and improve visibility into essential workflows.

Collaborative checklists that evolve with your workflows

Playbooks are built for the way operational teams collaborate — and are designed to be customized and iterated as your workflows change.

Configurable templates

Create templates for all your repeatable processes, from routine releases to incident response.

Automation and actions

Streamline repetitive tasks with automated triggers and actions so your team can focus on what matters.


Integrate with all the tools your team loves – from GitHub and Jenkins to Jira and ServiceNow.

Feature Highlights

  • Customizable playbooks
  • Prescribed and ad-hoc task checklists
  • Automated triggers & actions
  • Deep integration with Channels
  • Retrospective report
  • Retrospective timeline
  • Configurable templates
  • Data export
  • Status updates broadcast
  • Reminder and countdown timer
  • Stakeholder overview
  • Aggregate analytics

Built-in retrospectives

Integrated retrospectives help your team capture event details, build reports, and learn from every Playbook run.

Data-driven process improvement

Learn from each iteration to refine best practices and drive team excellence at scale. Editable incident timelines, channel transcripts, and configurable metrics help track performance over time.

Everything your team needs, all in one place

Your collaboration tools, teams, and processes — unified.

Bring together the conversations and context your team needs to collaborate within a single platform, with security and compliance controls to ensure your data always stays private and secure.

Platform Overview

Designed for operational workflows

Playbooks brings predictability and continuity to repeated processes, helping your team spend more time on what matters most.

DevSecOps Collaboration

Empower your team to accelerate DevSecOps workflows while meeting evolving security and compliance requirements.

Incident Response

Resolve incidents quickly and keep every stakeholder connected and informed from the moment an incident occurs all the way through post-mortem.

Mission-Critical ChatOps

Streamline critical workflows with essential tool integrations and automation that helps your team move faster.

Open source and yours to customize

Your tools should adapt to the way you work — not the other way around. Customize Playbooks with integrations from our community, or build your own with our Plugin Framework and open APIs.

  • 25,000+ GitHub Stars
  • 30,000+ total contributors
  • 4,000+ contributors

Mattermost plays an integral part in our developer toolset. Not only does it enable great communication and teamwork, its new [Playbooks] application and many integration options also allow us to greatly increase our productivity and organization.

William Forrester
Development and Security Operations Manager

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