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From creating AAA games to coordinating rescue missions, over 800 organizations around the globe trust Mattermost to ship better software, faster.

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4,000+ Open Source Contributors
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AlmaLinux uses Mattermost as a gathering spot for a global open source community

“Mattermost proved to be as welcoming as we wanted our own community to be.”

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Ergon Informatik AG uses Mattermost to equip every developer with the perfect tool for the job

“Every developer can build the perfect tool for the job.”

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BITSKIN uses Mattermost to increase technical team productivity

“Overall, Mattermost has optimized our communication processes and helped our company to work more efficiently and effectively.”

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oose uses Mattermost to minimize meetings & automate workflows

“A lot of our communication is done via Mattermost.”

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Anexia consolidates tools and workflows with Mattermost, solving long-standing voice collaboration issues with Calls

“We continue to remove superfluous internal tools and do more and more in our Mattermost workspace.”

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RTE uses Mattermost to manage Paris’ power grid and reduce outage response time

“Feedback showed that we needed to strengthen our reporting procedures with tools dedicated to the crisis.”

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Schäferbarthold uses Mattermost to consolidate developer tools in one place and accelerate workflows

“Playbooks supports emergencies really well. Communication on problems is transparent and open, and we’re seeing much fewer requests by ticket or phone.”

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heidelberg university

Mattermost helps neuromorphic computing scientists at Heidelberg University stay aligned

“Mattermost is by far the best solution. If I had to pick a chat tool for a new team, I would always go with Mattermost.”

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n8n Mattermost case study

n8n uses Mattermost to automate workflows, consolidate communication, and implement ChatOps

“In a world where everyone is working remotely, Mattermost has made it simple for our team to communicate effectively.”

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Rocky Linux Uses Mattermost as a Central Collaboration Hub for a Globally Distributed Open Source Community

“We liked the fact that we could host Mattermost on our own infrastructure, granting us sovereignty over our data and the flexibility to architect our infrastructure how we see fit.”

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Mattermost delivers HIPAA-compliant collaboration and a faster support process to Crossover Health

“Mattermost helps us ensure that we’re staying HIPAA-compliant while letting our clinicians collaborate efficiently and seamlessly.”

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Mattermost provides Fairphone with user-friendly collaboration and data privacy controls

“The greatest benefit of Mattermost is that it unclutters our communication.”

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MedinCell relies on Mattermost for secure, collaborative drug development

“Whether it’s the IT department discussing troubleshooting steps to resolve a problem faster, or a private channel of friends organizing a birthday celebration, the usability and ease of access makes it our go-to messaging tool at MedinCell.”

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Mattermost helps H-ISAC create trustworthy collaboration channels and accelerate knowledge-sharing during crises

“Many of our larger members could never discuss security issues with each other in real life because their lawyers would go crazy. But because Mattermost provides a secure platform, they can collaborate with other organizations within H-ISAC to solve problems.”

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Mattermost chosen by CERN for secure, self-hosted messaging and collaboration

“Mattermost provided a great way for people to communicate while working remotely without having to fall back to things like phone calls or video conferences for anything that could be handled using text.”

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Mattermost helps Worldline bring a global team together, accelerate knowledge-sharing, and increase developer productivity

“Mattermost is the easiest way possible to get people to collaborate on anything.”

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Oetker Digital migrates from Hipchat to Mattermost and accelerates digital transformation

“We take data compliance very seriously, and Mattermost offered a self-hosted solution along with a modern messaging user experience.”

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NRI builds custom solutions for secure, scalable messaging and collaboration with Mattermost

“Mattermost had everything we needed in a messaging platform—security, scalability, and usability—it was the best choice for us.”

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LAIKA empowers creatives while keeping assets secure on Mattermost

“Mattermost has brought modern collaboration to the whole organization.”

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Insight Data Science builds a scalable communications hub with Mattermost

“Mattermost is so easy to use and manage that we were able to install and deploy Mattermost in under an hour, and one of our engineers spends about 10 minutes a week managing it.”

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Galois collaborates worldwide while retaining data control and security on the Mattermost platform

“Email is one of those things people read when they get around to it. Since we’ve moved to Mattermost, we have real-time chats taking place.”

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