Innovative organizations trust Mattermost

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Affirm builds a more connected, productive organization with Mattermost

“We’ve had a lot of developers write custom tools, and they haven’t needed much support from me because Mattermost’s API documentation is very robust.”

-Bobby Boughton, IT Systems Lead, Affirm

Mattermost gives Bungie a central collaboration space

“Adoption of Mattermost has been widespread. We estimate that 80 to 90 percent of the company uses Mattermost on a monthly basis.”

–Dave Petty, Senior IT Engineer, Bungie

Mattermost chosen by CERN for secure, self-hosted messaging and collaboration

“Mattermost provided a great way for people to communicate while working remotely without having to fall back to things like phone calls or video conferences for anything that could be handled using text.”

–Adrian Mönnich, Lead Developer for Collaboration Tools, CERN

LAIKA empowers creatives while keeping assets secure on Mattermost

“Mattermost has brought modern collaboration to the whole organization.”

–David Rowe, Manager of IT Systems Support, LAIKA

Mattermost helps H-ISAC create trustworthy collaboration channels and accelerate knowledge-sharing during crises

“Many of our larger members could never discuss security issues with each other in real life because their lawyers would go crazy. But because Mattermost provides a secure platform, they can collaborate with other organizations within H-ISAC to solve problems.”

–Josh Singletary, CIO, H-ISAC

MedinCell relies on Mattermost for secure, collaborative drug development

“Whether it’s the IT department discussing troubleshooting steps to resolve a problem faster, or a private channel of friends organizing a birthday celebration, the usability and ease of access makes it our go-to messaging tool at MedinCell.”

–Kyle Kingsley, IT Manager, MedinCell

Mattermost helps Worldline bring a global team together, accelerate knowledge-sharing, and increase developer productivity

“Mattermost is the easiest way possible to get people to collaborate on anything.”

–Antoine Neveux, Software Engineer, Worldline

NRI’s journey from HipChat to Mattermost partner

“Mattermost had everything we needed in a messaging platform—security, scalability, and usability—it was the best choice for us.”

–Hiroshi Noto, Engineer, NRI

Insight Data Science builds a scalable communications hub

“Mattermost is so easy to use and manage that we were able to install and deploy Mattermost in under an hour, and one of our engineers spends about 10 minutes a week managing it.”

–Matt Smith, COO, Insight Data Science

Galois collaborates effectively worldwide while retaining data control and security


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The National University of Singapore facilitates student-faculty collaboration

“One of the great things about Mattermost is that we can open the platform to outside people, like students from other universities.”

–Uday Satyamohan Athreya, Senior Systems Engineer, NUS

FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE transforms editorial and software operations with a secure collaboration hub on Mattermost


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Oetker Digital migrates from Hipchat to Mattermost and accelerates digital transformation

“We take data compliance very seriously, and Mattermost offered a self-hosted solution along with a modern messaging user experience.”

–Uwe Schroeter, IT Infrastructure Manager, Oetker Digital

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