We’re on a mission to connect the world to what matters most.

We’re reengineering the way that teams of all sizes communicate. Our private cloud messaging solution is secure, configurable, and highly-scalable.

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Why We Built Mattermost

As the market for workplace messaging thrives, we see enterprises facing a huge challenge: use the popular tools that let them move fast or move more slowly, but maintain high standards for security and privacy. In response we created the only messaging platform built specifically for security-conscious DevOps and IT teams.

Since our very first day in 2015, Mattermost has never waivered on its goal to transform the enterprise collaboration market by delivering the most compelling open source, high-trust messaging tools for security-conscious enterprises and developers. We’ve grown from our very first customer to thousands of companies downloading our messaging platform every month.


Leadership Principles

Leadership principles guide our thinking and decision-making from every day projects to long-term planning. When making decisions under complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity (CUA), we determine our point of view and actions through the lens of our principles.

Customer Obsession

Mattermost exists to make customers successful. Every project starts with the customer perspective.


Own the outcome of your actions. Act on behalf of the company, not just the team. Never say "that's not my job."


Choose high-impact projects over low-impact projects. Figure out what matters most and focus on those priorities.

Insist on High Standards

Have relentless high standards. Continually raise the bar for high-quality products and processes.


Seek to understand strengths and growth opportunities while being open to criticism. Share critiques constructively and respectfully.

Earn Trust

Make decisions based on maximizing the trust of others in your judgement. Be open, self-critical and factual.

Leadership Team

Ian Tien

Ian Tien

CEO and

Corey Hulen

Corey Hulen

CTO and

Alexis Schmidt

Alexis Schmidt

VP Worldwide sales

Alison Holmlund

Alison Holmlund

VP Customer Success

Aneal Vallurupalli

Aneal Vallurupalli

VP Finance

Chris Overton

Chris Overton

VP Engineering


Adam Gross

Adam Gross

Former Heroku CEO,
Salesforce VP Developer Marketing

Stuart West

Stuart West

Current Automattic (Wordpress) CFO,
former board member at Wikipedia

Zack Urlocker

Zack Urlocker

Former Duo Security COO,
Zendesk COO, MySQL SVP Marketing

Alan Black

Alan Black

Former Zendesk CFO,
current board member at Looker


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Work With Us

Join a team committed to open source, professional growth, and cultivating a high-trust workplace.


Other Information

Company Name: Mattermost, Inc.
Mailing Address: 530 Lytton Avenue, Second floor, Palo Alto, CA, 94301, USA
General Questions: info@mattermost.com

Business Type: Delaware C-Corp
NAICS Code: 511210
Export Control Classification Number (ECCN): [ECCN 5D002]

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