Accelerate and safeguard your security operations

Bring security operations back into focus with a secure platform designed to streamline critical workflows.

Deployed by the world’s leading organizations

Modern security organizations need effective collaboration tools.

The scale and sophistication of cybersecurity threats are growing exponentially, as are the demands for organizations to bolster the speed and efficiency of security operations. Mattermost cuts through the noise of everyday team collaboration to accelerate the efficiency of security workflows, improve incident response processes, and integrate with the tools your team relies on.

Context-driven decision-making when every second counts

A secure, integrated platform connects your incident response teams and tools within your collaboration hub to reduce manual work and enable faster, context-driven decision-making and faster time-to-resolution.

Integrations Overview

Improve incident outcomes and support compliance initiatives

Standardize and centralize processes in Mattermost for predictable, repeatable results every time. Ensure compliance with advanced security features including access controls, data retention, eDiscovery, and legal hold.

Security Overview

Control sensitive data without sacrificing efficiency

Deploy to a self-hosted or single-tenant cloud environment with configurable data retention and archiving policies, ensures that stakeholders have a secure workspace to share sensitive security workflows and information.

Platform Overview

Mattermost is built for integrated security collaboration

Why security teams prefer Mattermost for collaboration

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Effective security collaboration without compromise

Transform the way your security team collaborates to accelerate outcomes without sacrificing efficiency.