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We’re creating the future of developer collaboration

Join us and help the world build better software, faster.

Why join Mattermost?

We’re helping the world build better software by aligning teams, tools, and processes at each stage of the development lifecycle. Our customers use Mattermost to increase their productivity, build and execute scalable workflows, and collaborate outside of code — all while contributing to a shared, flexible, and extensible platform built just for them.

Mattermost supports development teams who…

  • Fight the global COVID-19 pandemic and save lives
  • Defend trillions of dollars in financial assets
  • Ship AAA video games that gamers love
  • Build electric cars and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Pioneer space travel and take humans to the moon
  • Create films that delight audiences worldwide
  • Protect national and international interests
  • Study the fundamental structure of the universe

Grow your career and learn from the best

Building new skills, becoming experts in our domain, and training others is core to our culture. At Mattermost, you get to work with thoughtful, talented, high-performing people who care about results, and care about each other.

Work from anywhere you want

Our fully-remote team is widely distributed, and we’ve worked that way since the company was founded. Working from anywhere means more time with loved ones, no commute, and more flexibility. At Mattermost, you never have to worry about getting called back to the office or having to move your family cross-country for a job.

A diverse and inclusive team

Our team is made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. We embrace diversity and invite people from all walks of life, regardless of their gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, national origin, citizenship, disability, pregnancy status, veteran status, or any other differences.

Be a part of the open source community

We’re committed to open source and our community of over 4,000 contributors worldwide. At Mattermost, you get to build open source software benefiting thousands of companies, institutions, schools, and nonprofits around the globe.

Our leadership principles

These principles guide our behaviors and decision-making processes from everyday projects to company strategy.

Customer obsession

We exist to make customers successful. In everything we do, we start with the customer’s perspective and work backwards.


We own the outcomes of our activities. When we see a vacuum on something important, we jump in — we never say “it’s not my job.”

Self awareness

We seek to understand our strengths and growth opportunities. We are open to feedback and share our ideas constructively and respectfully.

High impact

We align our work to the shared vision and stay focused on the top priorities. When deciding what to work on we always choose the projects with the highest impact.

Earn trust

We make decisions based on maximizing the trust of others in our judgments. We are open, self-critical, and factual in how we assess ourselves.

Our current openings

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