Accelerate decision advantage with mission-critical ChatOps

Ensure effective mission operations, system resilience and real-time outcomes with a secure collaboration platform for effective Command and Control.

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Secure your communication against modern threats in high-stakes missions

High-stakes missions require focused coordination across teams and mission partners, but traditional communication tools don’t provide the real-time collaboration and security standards required to accelerate mission success.

Mattermost brings together your people, processes, assets, and toolchains into a secure digital collaboration hub to surface vital information, dismantle communication siloes, and enable fast, context-driven decision-making.

Surface essential context faster for informed, effective decision-making

Mattermost creates a comprehensive real-time operational picture that integrates data, tools, teams, and mission partners to drive decisive action.

Platform Overview

Strengthen mobile communication channels for maximum security

Our IT-managed communication platform ensures your communications are fast, reliable, and above all, secure. Reduce risks of data leakage and unintentional disclosures on personal devices, and keep your communications compliant and under control.

Mobile App

Increase cross-team collaboration while keeping data secure and portable

Bridge network and security barriers without compromise— connect stakeholders with a common-use communication platform that can deploy to public cloud, private networks, and air-gapped environments.

Deployment Options

Ensure always-on communication in any scenario

Deploy high-availability collaboration environments to support primary, alternate, contingency and emergency (PACE) communication plans where connectivity is mission-critical.

Out-of-Band Comms

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Why defense and government organizations prefer Mattermost for mission-critical ChatOps

Procurement simplicity

Mattermost is authorized under the US General Services Administration (GSA) and included in Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP). Mattermost meets all requirements for Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for Section 508 compliance.

Rich partner network

Choose from multiple qualified systems integrators who know how to deploy, extend, and customize the Mattermost platform to meet your needs.

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