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HIPAA-ready solutions for improving developer productivity across Healthcare Tech.

Accelerate your R&D processes through a single, integrated platform for secure collaboration.

Align your teams, tools, and processes

Connect geographically-distributed team members, tools, and mission-critical processes.

Improve team agility and delivery

Help development teams ship better code faster with solutions designed for modern, agile workflows.

Fully-secure deployments

Stay in complete control over your data with an open source platform that offers self-hosted deployments and strict, customizable access controls.

Leading digital transformation

Orchestrate and automate multiple types of digital workflows across the entire software development lifecycle.

Many of our larger members could never discuss security issues with each other in real life because their lawyers would go crazy. But because Mattermost provides a secure platform, they can collaborate with other organizations within H-ISAC to solve problems.

Josh Singletary

Whether it’s the IT department discussing troubleshooting steps to resolve a problem faster, or a private channel of friends organizing a birthday celebration, the usability and ease of access makes it our go-to messaging tool at MedinCell.

Kyle Kingsley
IT Manager

Designed for the way technical and operational teams work

Team Messaging

Team collaboration and technical workflows

Work together effectively with real-time communication, file and code snippet sharing, in-line code syntax highlighting, and workflow automation purpose-built for technical teams.

Platform Overview

Custom Integrations

Flexible integrations with essential technical tools

Execute and automate workflows with flexible, custom integrations with popular technical tools like GitHub, GitLab and ServiceNow.

Platform Overview

Audio & Screen Sharing

Communication that fits your flow

Seamlessly switch from chat to audio calls and screenshare without switching tools.

Platform Overview

Workflow Automation

Orchestrate and execute repeatable processes with better command

Checklist-based process playbooks with workflow orchestration in one unified location.

Platform Overview

Why Healthcare teams choose us

Security and privacy

Operate securely and privately with the leading open source collaboration platform you can deploy on-premise or in a secure cloud.

Quality software for quality care

Streamline how your developers plan, build and ship software so that your innovative solutions are in the hands of patients faster.

Built for developers

A purpose-built solution that integrates with a rich ecosystem of popular developer tools.

Secure solutions for Healthcare Tech

  • Self-hosted or secure cloud deployments
  • Integrates with existing security and compliance frameworks
  • Enforced multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Active Directory/LDAP authentication
  • Custom admin roles & granular user permissions
  • Custom data retention & granular audit logs
  • Automated compliance exports
  • High Availability (HA) configuration
  • Custom Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
  • Multi-network options

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