Out-of-band incident response

Respond effectively to incidents with a secure, self-hosted platform for out-of-band team collaboration.

Deployed by the world’s leading organizations

Stop small breaches from turning into major incidents

New attacks targeting multi-tenant enterprise communications systems are increasing the risk of security operations workflows being exploited, and amplifying the severity of breaches.

Mattermost’s purpose-built, single-tenant collaboration platform accelerates security workflows and communications while keeping defenders separated from the enterprise-wide infrastructure they are defending.

Separate communication for defenders and compromised assets

Enable coordinated response efforts to rapidly contain breaches without further compromising critical systems.

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Enable compliant and secure crisis communication

Reliably meet complex security and compliance needs with a transparent, highly configurable collaboration platform that can be deployed behind your firewall, on private cloud, or in air-gapped environments to keep your data under control at all times.

Security Overview

Accelerate response time and alignment during incidents

Achieve faster coordination, resolution, and remediation with an independent communication platform that includes built-in event timelines, collaborative playbooks, and threat intelligence integrations.

Platform Overview

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Accelerate cyber resilience with a purpose-built incident response platform

Empower your team to respond to incidents more effectively and minimize the business impact of outages and security breaches.