Crossover Health improved support ticket resolution time by 99% with Mattermost

“Mattermost helps us communicate effectively with each other as we support our teams assisting with patient care within the clinics.”
Daniel Gover IT System Administrator


  • Recovered 12-15% of logistical coordination time with Mattermost
  • Increased average support ticket resolution time by 99%
  • Integrates with Matterbar and Zoom

Crossover Health is a digital-first, integrated national medical group that connects every employee – in headquarters or dispersed locations – to remarkable care, while helping our employer partners take control of their healthcare spend. The Crossover Health team is distributed across a corporate office, a Member Support center, 44 active centers in 11 states, and four dedicated Virtual teams across the United States.

With a distributed team, staying connected is critical for the Crossover team. The team had previously been using Hipchat to connect the team across offices. However, as prices increased, they looked for another solution that could offer more value. Crossover selected Mattermost because of its greater security controls.

Now, all employees in the company headquarters and medical group are connected directly through Mattermost. Says Daniel Gover, IT System Administrator for Crossover, “Mattermost helps us communicate effectively with each other as we support our teams assisting with patient care within the clinics.”

Mattermost integrations make it more than a chat tool

After transitioning to Mattermost, the Crossover Health team found that they could get much more out of the collaboration platform than they had with Hipchat. “Hipchat was primarily a chat tool, but Mattermost integrations make it more versatile,” says Daniel. “The amount of group collaboration Mattermost has facilitated has been fantastic. We can add Zoom calls, use webhooks to automate processes, and manage network alerts.”

The team uses the Zoom plugin to launch Zoom meetings quickly and for general communication throughout the organization. They also use the To-do and Matterbar plugins, as well as Playbooks.

HIPAA-compliant communication for better client care

As a healthcare provider, keeping communications HIPAA-compliant is a top concern for the Crossover Health team. Because Mattermost offers complete data security, clinicians can use Mattermost to chat and share notes about Scheduling, Patient Appointments, and Navigation of patient care within the clinic with each other securely. This helps ensure that clinicians stay informed with up-to-the-minute information that can provide superior care to every patient.

The team uses Mattermost for both intra-office communication and staying connected between offices. “Because we use the platform to enable clinicians to work together and compare notes, we need to ensure that any sensitive and regulated data that is shared is shared securely. Mattermost helps us ensure that we’re staying HIPAA-compliant while letting our clinicians collaborate efficiently and seamlessly,” says Daniel. Daniel estimates that the Crossover Health team has recovered about 12-15% of their time from logistical coordination activities by using Mattermost.

Streamlining support workflow ensure faster turnaround times

Another key result of using Mattermost is that Crossover Health has sped up turnaround time for support tickets. The Crossover Health DevOps, Technology, and support teams use Mattermost daily, allowing them to offer immediate support and issue resolution to all 1,250 users in the company.

“We use webhooks to automate support in Mattermost,” says Daniel. “If someone has an issue, we’re able to move faster with less risk of something getting lost in the shuffle.”

Before Mattermost, Crossover Health primarily used a standalone ticketing system for support. The response time for tickets could take hours. With Mattermost, many issues are now reported, handled, and tracked within Mattermost, and most issues are resolved in minutes — speeding up support ticket resolution time by up to 99%.

Next Steps for Crossover Health

“Mattermost has been unimaginably effective for our company and continues to exceed expectations with every new release,” says Daniel. “Our user base loves using Mattermost and how effective it is for in-house communication. The Crossover Health team plans to continue using Mattermost and is excited to pilot Boards for tracking and managing projects with real-time communication.