Asana slowing you down? Accelerate your workflows with Mattermost.

Mattermost is an open source Asana alternative that gives developers everything they need to collaborate across the software development lifecycle.

Developers prefer Mattermost to Asana

More than project and task management — collaboration designed for the way you work.

Your developers need more than task management. Mattermost brings together full-featured messaging, deep integrations with best-of-breed developer toolchains, and powerful workflow automation that enables dev teams to spend less time context switching and more time building.

Unlike Asana, Mattermost is open source and yours to customize. With on-prem and single-tenant private cloud deployment options, your data always stays in your control.

Project Management + Team Messaging + Workflow Automation


Group and direct messaging with all the features your team loves and developer tool integrations that turn your channels into a collaborative CLI.


Kanban-style boards for teams to manage tasks, hit milestones, and drive alignment across complex workflows.


Checklist-based workflow management for when your team’s processes require collaboration and structure.

Why engineering teams choose Mattermost over Asana

An open source, extensible platform

Customize your workspace to your specific needs.

Innovation and support from a vibrant OSS community of developers.

Features designed for developers

Collaborate more effectively with a platform built for technical users.

Code syntax highlighting, Markdown formatting, slash commands, extensive integrations, and more!

On-prem or private cloud deployment

Deploy behind your firewall or host in a single-tenant private cloud for superior security.

The only collaboration solution where you always maintain data control and sovereignty.

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Workflows tailored to the way you work – however you work

Your tools should be tailored to fit the way your team works. Unlike Asana, Mattermost gives you the ability to customize, extend, and build bespoke integrations — including with the tools developers rely on every day, and even legacy systems.

  • 25,000+ GitHub™ Stars
  • 30,000+ total contributions
  • 4,000+ contributors

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More deployment options than Asana

From government agencies and intelligence organizations to financial services and healthcare companies, teams in high-security and regulated industries trust Mattermost for secure collaboration.

While Asana is a SaaS service that forces you into a public cloud, Mattermost lets you choose between on-prem and private cloud deployment options that meet your unique security and compliance needs and enable you to retain full control and sovereignty over your data. Deploy in air-gapped and other high-security environments, use EMM for secure mobile comms, and define granular controls for enterprise data archiving to keep data properly secure and accessible.

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Designed for agile teams at scale

Mattermost goes beyond general-purpose task management with collaboration features designed to help developer teams with up to tens of thousands of concurrent users build code, execute sprints, deploy releases, and manage outages and support escalations — all from one place.

Boards for project and product teams that need to manage deliverables, hit milestones, and stay aligned.

Channel-based collaboration with powerful automation and tool integrations to raise messaging to the level of a CLI.

Playbooks for structured workflows that require repeatable execution with predictable outcomes.

Everything developers need for project management, all in one fully integrated collaboration platform

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High ROI

Save as much as 70% on developer tools while helping your team reclaim 39% of their time for rapid and sustained ROI.

The perfect tool for the job

Leverage Mattermost’s open source codebase to build the exact tool your team needs instead of relying on an inflexible, proprietary solution designed for general business users.

Control your data

Safeguard sensitive company data and proactively secure your systems with your own IT team. Don’t learn about a vendor’s vulnerabilities in the news and wait for a proprietary fix.

Don’t just take our word for it

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