A Unified Platform for Developer Collaboration

Secure, extensible productivity solutions for modern R&D teams.

Real-time collaboration on all your devices

All the modern end-user features an enterprise messaging workspace needs to increase workforce efficiency and productivity.

Secure, self-hosted, and scalable messaging

Achieve peak productivity

Empower DevOps to build the best workflows for your company, ship software faster, and collaborate confidently.

Protect your data

Maintain full ownership and control of company IP and customer data behind your own firewall or VPN.

Avoid costly catastrophes

Safeguard against major security incidents, vendor lock-in, and resource-draining technical debt.


Communicate seamlessly

Organized conversations in teams and channels
Fully searchable message history
1-on-1 and group messaging
Voice, video, and screen sharing
File, image, and link sharing
Emoji and rich Markdown formatting
Multi-language support

Focus on what’s most important

Custom desktop, email, and mobile notifications
Do not disturb mode
Favorite channels
Keyword mention alerts

Ready to talk?

Unlimited access to all features for 30 days

Engineered for demanding requirements


Compatible with hybrid architectures and deployable to both public and private clouds.


Secure, on-premises installation in your data center with layered security options (e.g, SSL, VPN and DMZ).

Pre-built images

Skip the install and configuration process with pre-built open source images supporting AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.


A single place for messaging, tools and files. Accessible from the web or your favorite device—iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Behind your firewall

Deploy Mattermost behind your company firewall on a private network with access from the outside via a VPN.

Encryption in transit and at rest

Mattermost supports TLS encryption using AES-256 with 2048-bit RSA. Data at rest encryption is under the control of your IT.

Open source

Based on open source code that undergoes regular penetration testing and security reviews.

Single sign-on

Secure user accounts by connecting to your existing identity management system.

Send 100s of messages per second

Mattermost can handle 70,000 simultaneous users sending up to 200 messages per second.

Search millions of messages

Mattermost makes searchable all workplace communication. Tap into company knowledge as you would a Google search.

Minimize downtime

Avoid outages with a highly available setup and track your system health with our performance monitoring tools.

Verify your deployment

Optimize performance with our load-test framework for peace of mind before rolling out to production.

Flexible deployment options

Compatible with hybrid architectures and deployable to both public and private clouds.

Layered extensibility

Connect to both third-party and internal company tools with our APIs or pre-built integrations.

Comprehensive rebranding

Make messaging your own with in-depth white labeling and customization options.

Advanced permission controls

Accommodate your company culture and policies with permissions configurable to your needs.

Data under your control

Enjoy peace of mind with regards to data sovereignty and GDPR with a data center you control.

Rich auditing and reporting

Fulfill both external regulations and internal policies with features like compliance reporting and exports.

EMM compatibility

Govern mobile access through supported Enterprise Mobility Management solutions.

Connect your tools

Integrate with existing applications and build new workflows.

Accelerate Workflows

Accelerate workflows with integrated tools

DevOps integration set
Incoming and outgoing webhooks
Custom slash commands
Plugins and extensions
Bots and developer toolkit
Robust API library
OAuth 2.0 applications
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Administer with full control over your data

eDiscovery and compliance reporting
Data retention policies
Custom terms of service
AD/LDAP authentication and group sync
Enforced multi-factor authentication
SAML 2.0 single sign-on
Command line and database management tools
Performance and system monitoring

Privacy-conscious organizations trust Mattermost

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