Product Direction

The Mattermost Product Direction shares an overview of new benefits we hope to provide for users and subscribers in our monthly releases, as well as our longer term direction. It is driven by user and subscriber priorities, and may change as those priorities change.

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Mattermost 6.3 (January 16th, 2022)

  • Playbooks improvements, including granular permission schemes (Enterprise Edition)
  • Boards improvements, including the ability to follow cards

A full list of improvements added to the product, based on our roadmap, can be found in the changelog.

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  • Collapsed reply threads (beta)
  • Emoji enhancements with skin tone support
  • New app framework for integrations
  • App bar for desktop
  • Custom user groups
  • Apps action menu
  • Splunk integration
  • Follow Playbook runs
  • Bitbucket Cloud integration
  • Boards: improved onboarding
  • Boards: template selector dialog
  • Boards: improved templates


  • Collapsed reply threads (GA)
  • Forward messages
  • Desktop app: automatic updates
  • Translations for Playbooks
  • Playbook permission scheme
  • Boards: role-based permissions
  • Boards: compliance export
  • Boards: data-retention
  • Boards: user invites
  • Mobile v2.0: Multi-workspace support with improved performance and stability


  • Text formatting controls
  • File preview enhancements
  • Read receipts
  • App bar for mobile
  • Nagios integration
  • ServiceNow integration
  • OneDrive integration
  • Custom Playbooks positions
  • Playbooks: refactor channel actions
  • Better Playbook editor
  • Boards: standard properties
  • Boards: priority lists
  • Boards: card dependencies

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