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A Match Made in Open Source: Release Management with Mattermost and GitLab

For many growing organizations, it’s an inevitable challenge: as your team builds software faster and faster, your release process can’t keep pace. If your release process is full of manual steps or bogged down by multiple communication channels, it’s time for change.

With the new integration between Mattermost and GitLab, you can now streamline and standardize your release processes, while reducing the amount of effort required to ship your latest releases. Built around Mattermost Playbooks, our GitLab integration can trigger GitLab pipelines, get responses directly within Playbook runs, and automatically check off each stage. Everyone stays up to date, all communications around the release are centralized, and, most importantly, time and effort are saved.

In this recorded demo with Mattermost Sr. Product Manager Neil Barnett, learn how to:

  • Make your release process transparent and accessible
  • Centralize all communications based on existing user groups
  • Reduce developer toil and effort through enabling standard GitLab actions directly from a Mattermost Playbook


Neil Barnett headshot

Neil Barnett

Senior Product Manager, Mattermost

Neil has worked in Product Management for almost 20 years, of which the last decade has focused on enterprise organizations and their use of open source.

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