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Sourced Group offers Mattermost-as-a-Service for enterprises

My name is Warren and I work as an Application Delivery Consultant for Sourced Group. At Sourced Group, I work with teams among our Enterprise client base to help them modernize and migrate their application portfolios to the public cloud. Sourced is excited to announce, in conjunction with Mattermost, the general availability of Mattermost as-a-Service …

Mattermost 3.10: New terminal client and Turkish language support

Great news for people who use terminal-based clients for chatting, such as irssi, weechat, finch, and glirc, but are looking for more advanced messaging features and a richer experience. Matterhorn is a new Haskell text user interface (TUI) terminal client that offers a terminal-optimized interface to the rich chat features of Mattermost, including: Channel creation, deletion, …

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