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Mattermost is one platform for secure communications, collaboration, and workflow orchestration across your tools and teams. Learn more about how you can make our platform work better for your team, with everything from tips and tutorials to user stories and best practices.

Three ways workers can use AI: centaurs, cyborgs, and clones

Centaurs, cyborgs & clones: 3 ways organizations are using artificial intelligence

The User Survey plugin: A new way for customers to gain valuable insights from end users

Mattermost AI Copilot

From conversation to action: How AI-powered workflows are transforming workplace collaboration

Slack alternative

4 reasons you need a Slack alternative

The 2023 Guide to Developer Productivity

Learn what you can do to improve productivity and collaboration for your team.

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AI Copilot for Mattermost

Mattermost AI Copilot: Accelerating the conversation with LLMs

Mattermost ITOps

Mattermost wins 2024 DEVIES Award for Best Innovation in ITOps

Track keywords

Passively track keywords in Mattermost

Free Mattermost training courses: Mattermost Academy

Announcing Mattermost Trustcenter

Announcing the Mattermost Trustcenter

Mattermost v9.4

Mattermost v9.4: IP filtering, bring your own key & cloud-native compliance exports in Mattermost Cloud Enterprise

MySQL upgrade

MySQL 5.7 reached EOL. Upgrade to MySQL 8.x today

Advanced workflows

Enterprise Collaboration with Advanced Workflows

Enterprise Playbooks

Mattermost Playbooks for Enterprise Workflows

Mattermost Enterprise Edition

Scalable collaboration software for enterprises

Mattermost Enterprise Edition

Security and compliance for enterprise collaboration

Access controls

Advanced access controls with Mattermost Enterprise Edition

Data sovereignty

Everything you need to know about data sovereignty

Enterprise Edition

Choosing secure collaboration for your enterprise business

playbooks pro tip

Mattermost Pro Tips: Using emojis to improve team collaboration