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Mattermost is a secure, modern, enterprise messaging solution across web, PC and mobile. It enables governments to rapidly communicate and adapt to new challenges all while meeting even the most strict compliance and security requirements.


“When we were looking for a highly secure, easy-to-deploy solution to manage communications for a robust command center, Mattermost exceeded our expectations and enabled us to replicate the functions of a well-funded operations center at a fraction of the cost. We were dealing with incredibly sensitive information and the security capabilities of Mattermost were exactly what we needed.

Vince Crisler

Vince CrislerPartner at Fortalice Solutions


Communicate seamlessly at scale

Mattermost is a secure, modern, open source enterprise messaging solution across web, PC and mobile. Mattermost enables organizations to rapidly communicate and adapt to new challenges all the while maintaining compliance and security.

  • Regional

    Organizations across dozens of countries use Mattermost to meet the laws and regulations of their governments. For example, GDPR in the European Union and HIPAA in the United States.

  • Industry-specific

    Financial services, healthcare and medical organizations around the world use Mattermost as an effective program to ensure compliance with industry-specific requirements.

  • Company-specific

    Companies can manage sensitive data under their own internal policies and procedures, according to HR, corporate governance and legal needs. For example, enforce a code of conduct.

Secure by design

Mattermost is used by the world’s most security-conscious defense and research organizations. The platform is used by many of the world’s most influential countries to ensure national security. Our solutions deploy within an organization’s private cloud infrastructure under existing security and compliance policies.

  • Encryption in transit

    Mattermost supports TLS encryption using AES-256 with 2048-bit RSA on all data transmissions between client applications and the Mattermost server across both LAN and internet. Connections to Active Directory/LDAP can be secured with TLS or stunnel.

  • Encryption at rest

    Messages can be encrypted via hardware and software disk encryption solutions applied to the Mattermost database, which resides on its own server under IT’s control. Files stored locally can be encrypted via hardware and software disk encryption solutions applied to the server. Files stored in Amazon’s proprietary S3 system can use server-side encryption with Amazon S3-managed keys.

  • Encrypted push notifications

    Push notifications to mobile devices can be encrypted in transit with either a private key from your organization, if you choose to compile your own mobile apps, or secured with TLS encryption in transit with the Mattermost mobile apps provided in iTunes and Google Play. See our push notification documentation to learn more.

  • Enterprise mobility management

    Mattermost provides full source code to mobile applications and is compatible with EMM solutions including AirWatch, MobileIron and Good Technology/BlackBerry Dynamics. Moreover, organizations can self-compile the mobile application for deployment into privately hosted enterprise app stores.


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  • AWS
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  • CACI International

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Public-sector Certifications


Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for Section 508 Accessibility Standards compliance


Deploys on FEDRAMP-compliant AWS GovCloud and Azure GovCloud infrastructure


US Army CON 000038447

GWAC Agreements

Mattermost CAGE code: 7ZTZ9


Solutions for Enterprise-wide
Procurement (SEWP)


U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) (planned availability in 2018)

Architecture & Deployment


The open source version of Mattermost runs as a single Linux binary under MIT license with either a MySQL or PostgreSQL database. It includes web, PC and mobile experiences (iOS and Android) and deploys to your private network and can be made available over the internet via VPN.

The commercial version, Mattermost Enterprise Edition, is recommended for vital or large-scale deployment to provide commercial support and enterprise features. For deployments over 5,000 users, a high availability cluster-mode configuration is recommended. Advanced enterprise search capabilities can also be added to Mattermost Enterprise E20 clusters using Elasticsearch integration.

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