Mattermost Operational Hub for Technical Teams

Accelerate key workflows. Keep your data secure.

Trusted by mission-critical teams at fast-moving organizations

Complex environments require specialized tools

Mattermost builds on the functionality of general collaboration tools to meet the needs of mission-critical technical and operational teams.

Sensitive information is siloed and hard to find.

Customized workflows require robust integrations and clear processes.

Compliance requirements need tooling that keeps data controlled.

Enable innovation and control by extending collaboration

Mattermost Operational Hub is a dedicated configurable platform for increasing reliability and operational efficiency in strict security environments.

Technical Communication

Flexible collaboration channels eliminate communication silos and let your teams work together freely.

  • Topic-centric messaging
  • Technical formatting & in-line code syntax highlighting
  • Customizable webhooks, bots & plugins

Operational Workflows

Integrated processes keep everyone aligned and improve visibility into essential workflows.

  • Collaborative playbooks
  • DevOps toolchain integrations
  • Zapier AI
  • Integrated task management

Fully Private Mobile

Collaborate securely from anywhere with mobile applications that keep you in control of your data.

  • Source code & cert. control
  • ID-only notifications

DevSecOps Integrations

Robust integrations with technical, operational, and security tools streamline workflows within a central operations hub.

  • SDLC/agile playbooks
  • Dev toolchain integrations
  • GitHub, GitLab, and Jira integrations

Incident Collaboration

Capture and accelerate incident response processes for faster time to resolution and reduced error rates.

  • Customizable incident playbooks
  • Built-in retrospectives
  • Incident response triggers & actions
  • Observability integrations

Optimized UX

User-centric interface facilitates better communication that fits the way your organization works, however they work.

  • Desktop, web & mobile clients
  • Customizable & white-label interface

Unified Communication

Seamlessly connect operational workflows with the general communication tools your organization uses every day.

  • MS Teams
  • Zoom
  • Matrix
  • Voice & Screenshare

Designed for the way technical and operational teams work

Optimize Decision-Making

Create a single source of truth for mission-critical decisions

Bring key conversations, tools, and workflows together for better insight into what matters most to your organization.

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Reduce Risk & Error Rates

Improve process accuracy and insights

Capture, accelerate, and de-risk critical processes with integrated playbooks that keep teams aligned and drive continuous improvement.

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Control of Collaboration

Stay in control of your collaboration data

Deploy in self-hosted environments to avoid vendor lock-in, keep your data out of 3rd party hands, and ensure your ability to move data freely as your platform needs evolve.

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Open Source and Yours to Customize

Your tools should adapt to the way you work — not the other way around. Customize Playbooks with integrations from our community, or build your own with our App Framework, plugins, and open APIs.

  • 30,000+ GitHub Stars
  • 30,000+ total contributors
  • 4,000+ contributors

Maintain Choice & Control at Enterprise Scale

Mattermost integrates technical workflows to hundreds of custom systems while staying connected to Microsoft Teams for all-employee collaboration.

  • 1:1 & group message interoperability
  • Video meetings integration
  • User & group sync with Azure Active Directory
  • Single sign-on (SSO) with ADFS
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