IRC is from 1988. Mattermost is from the future.

More than a tool for text-based communication. Mattermost is a powerful collaboration hub purpose-built for mission-critical teams.

Technical teams prefer Mattermost to IRC

Increase focus with a purpose-built collaboration hub

Mattermost brings together full-featured messaging, deep integrations with best-of-breed technical toolchains, and powerful workflow automation.

As an open source solution, Mattermost is highly adaptable and yours to customize. Unlike IRC, you can connect Mattermost with the tools your team uses every day to streamline collaboration and accelerate mission-critical ChatOps, DevSecOps, and incident response workflows.

Designed for the way technical and operational teams work

Team Messaging

Team collaboration and technical workflows

Work together effectively with real-time communication, file and code snippet sharing, in-line code syntax highlighting, and workflow automation purpose-built for technical teams.

Platform Overview

Custom Integrations

Flexible integrations with essential technical tools

Execute and automate workflows with flexible, custom integrations with popular technical tools like GitHub, GitLab and ServiceNow.

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Audio & Screen Sharing

Communication that fits your flow

Seamlessly switch from chat to audio calls and screenshare without switching tools.

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Workflow Automation

Orchestrate and execute repeatable processes with better command

Checklist-based process playbooks with workflow orchestration in one unified location.

Platform Overview

Why technical and operations teams choose Mattermost over IRC

Powerful collaboration features

  • Collaborate more effectively with features built to speed up DevSecOps and incident response workflows.
  • Code syntax highlighting, Markdown formatting, slash commands, extensive integrations, and more — not just plain text!

Open source adaptability

  • An adaptable platform that’s fully customizable and integrates with the tools your team uses every day to power mission-critical ChatOps workflows.

Enterprise-grade security

  • Keep sensitive data protected with a purpose-built collaboration hub that gives you complete data control and sovereignty.
  • Deploy Mattermost behind your firewall on-premises or in an air-gapped environment, or host it in a single-tenant private cloud for superior security.

A secure collaboration platform designed for technical and operations teams

Your tools should be tailored to fit the way your team works. Unlike IRC, Mattermost gives you the ability to customize, extend, and build bespoke integrations — including with IRC. Plus, you get access to a vibrant open source community.

  • 25,000+ GitHub Stars
  • 30,000+ total contributions
  • 4,000+ contributors

Built for high-performing technical teams

Mattermost goes beyond basic text communication with collaboration features designed to help technical and operations teams with up to tens of thousands of concurrent users build code, execute sprints, deploy releases, and manage outages and support escalations — all from a centralized hub.

  • Calls for fast, secure audio communication when seconds count.
  • Channel-based collaboration with powerful automation and tool integrations to increase focus and raise messaging to the level of a CLI.
  • Playbooks for structured workflows that require repeatable execution with predictable outcomes.

Full-featured messaging — and a whole lot more

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Accelerate mission-critical work

Speed up ChatOps, DevSecOps, and integrated security operations workflows with a resilient, adaptable collaboration hub.

Eliminate tool frustration with a custom fit

Leverage Mattermost’s open source codebase to build the exact tool your team needs instead of relying on an inflexible, proprietary solution designed for general business users.

Keep your data in your hands

Safeguard sensitive company data and proactively secure your systems with your own IT team. Don’t learn about a vendor’s vulnerabilities in the news and wait for a proprietary fix.

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