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Why we love customer reviews at Mattermost

If you’re like most people, you consult customer reviews before choosing whether to buy something online.

Reviews help us make better decisions since they provide insight into how real-world customers experience a company’s products or services. Instead of being told what a company wants you to hear, you get to hear what’s what directly from actual users.

We love customer reviews at Mattermost.

Like everyone else, our team consults reviews when we buy things online. And when it comes to choosing tools to run our business, we do much of the same.

Since customer reviews are so useful, we have a minor request: Would you be open to reviewing us on G2Crowd and Capterra?

A Mattermost review on G2Crowd.

There’s something in it for you, too.

Here are three reasons you should consider writing an honest review of Mattermost if you have the time.

1. You’ll help your peers

Every company needs a messaging solution.

Your reviews can help peers at other privacy-conscious organizations find out about Mattermost and learn why they should consider giving it a whirl.

Believe it or not, people trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends. Strangers will actually read what you have to say and they’ll act on your recommendations.

2. You’ll help improve Mattermost

If you write a review, we’ll read it. We’ll consider your feedback, and if we notice a slew of our users have the same feature suggestions, we’ll act on that information.

Beyond that, your reviews will help improve Mattermost adoption by persuading more organizations to migrate to our platform.

In fact, studies show that the presence of online reviews can increase conversions by 270%! More Mattermost customers means more staff and more resources available to continue improving the platform.

3. You’ll help market your business

In addition to helping your peers find the right tool for the job and enhancing the Mattermost platform, you can use customer reviews to market your own business.

Include your company name in your review to draw more eyeballs to your website. At least a few curious review-readers will do some quick research to find out what you’re all about. You never know when these activities might translate into new opportunities for your business.

If you’re open to it, we’d love for you to write a quick review over on G2Crowd and Capterra.

We look forward to finding out what you have to say!

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