Using Mattermost Operator for Kubernetes to deploy our Community server

Using Mattermost Operator for Kubernetes to deploy our Community server

One of the key benefits of using Kubernetes is that it’s very flexible and fault tolerant. However, that also means that it has quite a lot of complexity to deal with. A well-built operator abstracts that complexity away and helps manage updates and upgrades seamlessly.  The Mattermost Kubernetes operator is basically like having a Mattermost Cloud Engineer running inside your Kubernetes cluster managing Mattermost for you. 

A few months ago, we migrated our Community server over from our old deployment in AWS to the Mattermost operator running in one of the cloud accounts. In the presentation below, Mattermost software design engineer Gabe Jackson walks through how we approached this migration, the steps we took, and why we selected the configurations we did. 

Watch the video: Deploying the Mattermost Community environment with Mattermost Operator in Kubernetes

In this recording, Gabe walks through the steps we took to migrate our Community server, what server maintenance and upgrades look like using Mattermost Operator, security benefits of using Kubernetes namespaces, and why GitOps is an essential part of these processes. 

Whether you’re just deploying Mattermost for the first time or are interested in moving to the Kubernetes operator, this should provide some information on what one implementation looks like in action. 

Get started with the Kubernetes Operator

Ready to get started? Check out our documentation on Installing Mattermost on Kubernetes.

Because the Mattermost community server is somewhat unique in the way we deploy it, not everything about our deployment is the gold standard for using Mattermost Operator, and there are many alternatives that you can explore. If you’re interested in using Mattermost Operator, your customer engineer or customer success manager can help you put together a migration plan that fits your needs.


Ashley Dotterweich is the Head of Content at Mattermost. Previously, she ran content marketing for Heavybit Industries and Rainforest QA.