Embracing Global Collaboration for a Resilient Future

Dear Mattermost Customers, Partners, and Open Source Contributors,

Today marks a significant milestone in our journey. I am thrilled to share that Mattermost has joined the World Economic Forum Global Innovators Community. This is more than just an accomplishment; it’s a testament to our commitment to building a more secure, transparent, and resilient world.

Our Vision and Alignment with the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum stands at the forefront of fostering public-private cooperation, and our inclusion in their Global Innovators Community underscores our role in enhancing collaboration across critical infrastructure organizations. At Mattermost, we’ve always believed in the power of digitization to transform and secure our world. Our partnership with the World Economic Forum amplifies this belief and opens new avenues for innovation and cooperation.

What This Means for Our Customer, Partner, and Open Source Communities

For our open source community, this is a moment of pride. Your contributions have elevated our platform, making it the premier choice for mission-critical work across government, defense, and critical infrastructure sectors. This new chapter with the World Economic Forum is a shared success. It’s a showcase for the vital importance of open source platforms in global security and collaboration.

To our valued customers, this partnership signifies an enhanced commitment to your needs. Our solutions, designed for the most demanding environments, are now at the forefront of global discussions on cybersecurity and resilience. The insights and collaborations we gain in contributing to the international community will directly benefit the evolution and efficacy of our offerings.

Our Focus in the World Economic Forum

Our primary focus within the World Economic Forum will be to champion resiliency in critical infrastructure. Through the Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity, we aim to address systemic challenges and drive action in cybersecurity. This alignment accelerates our work in providing secure, self-sovereign communication platforms for mission-critical work.

The Road Ahead

As we embark on this exciting journey, our goal remains unwavering: to empower organizations with a transparent, self-sovereign, and secure federated collaboration platform. Our participation in the World Economic Forum Global Innovators Community is not just an honor, but a responsibility to lead and innovate to accelerate global public safety and digital infrastructure.

In closing, I want to extend my gratitude to each one of you — our community members, customers, and partners. Your trust and support have been instrumental in reaching this milestone. Together, let’s continue to build a future that’s resilient, secure, and connected.

Warmest regards,
Ian Tien, CEO and Co-founder, Mattermost Inc.


Ian Tien is CEO and co-founder of Mattermost, Inc., an open source platform for secure collaboration across the entire software development lifecycle. Hundreds of thousands of developers around the globe trust Mattermost to increase their productivity by bringing together team communication, task and project management, and workflow orchestration into a unified platform for agile software development.