On-premise collaboration for complete data control

Full control and customizability for high-security environments

Data sovereignty & security

Self-hosted servers keep your data in your hands at all times, never with 3rd party.

Custom integrations with all your tools

Customize and extend your workspace with robust integrations for every tool in your workflow — from SaaS tools to legacy and proprietary solutions.

Conforms to compliance and security regulations

Fulfill your compliance and administration requirements with features like advanced identity and access controls, granular configuration of data retention, compliance export, and legal hold.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Ensure your data stays completely portable and accessible without losing security.

Supports air-gapped deployments

Deploy Mattermost in air-gapped environments to isolate your data and provide an added layer of protection.

Full source code availability

Mattermost’s open core codebase is fully visible for security and compliance auditing.

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