When downtime isn’t an option, keep your team connected

Mattermost provides secure, mission-critical collaboration for critical infrastructure teams

“If you value your data and privacy and aim for high reliability and general ease of use, then self-hosted Mattermost is by far the best option out there.

Jan Šídlo, Head of IT

Deployed by the world’s leading organizations

Without reliable comms, critical infrastructure providers can’t serve essential services

From healthcare and telecom to emergency and defense services, critical infrastructure organizations provide essential services that can’t be compromised. Keeping teams connected is critical to minimizing support disruptions.

Mattermost is trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense and other organizations worldwide as a secure collaboration hub designed to optimize workflows and keep data secure.

Designed for high-stakes environments

Self-hosted deployment options keep you in control of sensitive data and ensure data sovereignty and portability at all times. Mattermost can even be deployed to air-gapped environments for added control.

Self-sovereign Collaboration

Completely configurable and customizable

Prevent information silos from slowing you down. Mattermost integrates with every tool your team relies on, from popular SaaS applications to legacy tools and proprietary solutions.

Integrations Overview

Built for enterprise-grade security

Trusted by critical infrastructure organizations around the world to provide secure, scalable collaboration without sacrificing data control.

Security Overview

Safeguarding national infrastructure and reducing outages with Mattermost

“Feedback showed that we needed to strengthen our reporting procedures with tools dedicated to the crisis.”

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