Ensure Decision Advantage with Mattermost

Accelerate mission-critical operations with a purpose-built secure collaboration platform.

“For us, using Mattermost offers a huge benefit in mission velocity and safety. We found that it also gave us a lot more time to fix cargo and fuel problems before the crew even shows up at the airplane.”

Major Justin Poole, Phoenix Spark Innovation Cell Director

Deployed by the world’s leading organizations

When communications fail, so do missions

Mission success depends on effective information sharing, but keeping sensitive data secure is essential to national security.

Mattermost lets defense organizations modernize and streamline critical operations to ensure better outcomes and mission success without compromising on security.

Self-hosted collaboration for complete data sovereignty

Self-hosted deployment options and granular security and compliance configurations ensure that your data always stays secure, compliant, and portable.

On-Premises Deployment

Real-time command and control for Decision Advantage

Connect your teams, tools, and processes for increased visibility and more effective collaboration when seconds count.

Mission-Critical ChatOps

Purpose-built for Mission Partner Environments

Mattermost provides a secure, interoperable environment where mission partners can access and exchange information, intelligence, and capabilities to support joint operations and missions.

Deploy to air-gapped environments

Mattermost is purpose-built for highly secure environments supporting operations, engineering, and emergency communications.

Out-of-Band Collaboration

Continuity of comms

Improve resilience and maintain tactical advantage with high availability infrastructure to align with your PACE.

High Availability

Supporting global operations coordination with secure communication

“AMC by its very nature is a command filled with remote teams. Those teams need secure, global command and control across a resilient and distributed network that is not behind a common access guardwall.”

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Robust partner ecosystem

Deploy Mattermost with confidence through our global network of deployment and implementation partners, ensuring a secure, efficient, and FedRAMP-compliant communication implementation. Our trusted resellers and integrators are ready to optimize your operations.

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