Hacking from Home: Thriving in a remote environment

COVID-19 has impacted work across industries, and moved most non-service jobs to be remote, working from home. The goal of this hackathon is to create new solutions that optimize remote work for everyone.

Participate in the hackathon on November 10 – 17, 2020 for a chance to win cash prizes totaling $6,000 along with exclusive Mattermost and Jitsi merchandise.

Everyone is welcome! Register below for updates as we prepare for the hackathon launch on November 10!

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Challenges Illusration

Sample Challenges

Below are sample challenges you can draw for inspiration:

Hybrid Environments

How can we better support hybrid environments where some staff work in the office and others remotely? What tools can be used to ensure those who work remotely are not left out of conversations or decision-making that takes place within the office space?

Social Interaction

How can we promote social interaction to reduce isolation in a remote work environment – often the #1 challenge faced when working from home? What tools or programs can help build connections remotely, such as watercooler/hallway talks, coffee time, or fun “after-work” activities like trivia and micro-game sessions?

Company Handbook

How can we make handbooks easier to create and update—a critical tool for the operations, processes and norms for running the company? What tools or scripts could be used for that purpose?

For sample handbooks, see the one for Mattermost.

Prizes Illusration


1st Prize:

$3,000 USD + Swag Kit

2nd Prize:

$2,000 USD + Swag Kit

3rd Prize:

$1,000 USD + Swag Kit

Participation Reward: Swag Kit for all qualified submissions.

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What You Need To Know


The hackathon starts on November 10, 8:00 AM PT (San Francisco time) and ends on November 17, 2020 3:59 PM PT (San Francisco time).



Lessons from Transitioning to Remote Work

What does it take to successfully transition to remote work? During this session, Mattermost’s Ali Farooq shares his real-world experience making the leap to remote work, and chats with Jitsi founder Emil Ivov about what remote teams need to be successful in the long-term. 

Watch it on YouTube here >> 


Hackathon Pre-Game Session: Overcoming Fears to Participate in Hackathons 

If you’ve never contributed to an open source project before, submitting that first pull request can feel like a daunting barrier. Mattermost’s PJ Hagerty and Zubair Ahmed join Jitsi’s Saúl Ibarra Corretgé to discuss how hackathon newcomers can get the most out of their experience. 

Watch it on YouTube here >>

How to get started?


Below are a few helpful resources to get started:

Mattermost Resources

Jitsi Resources


Qualified submissions (for swag)

  1. Projects should be submitted to this GitHub project. This entry will be used to review the submission.
  2. Demonstration of your work that allows us to easily evaluate the submission.
    • This often includes a brief video (screen capture with voiceover) that gives an overview of the project, the motivation behind it, and how it works to achieve it.
    • We also encourage basic documentation with a screenshot of the solution in action, list of features, and development guide if applicable. A great example is this README of the GitLab-Mattermost plugin.
  3. A place to submit issues, such as a public issue tracker in GitHub.

Winning submissions (for cash prizes)

Must meet the minimum criteria for qualified submissions above. Moreover, the following criteria will be used to evaluate the submissions:

  1. Impact to improving remote work.
  2. Uniqueness of ideas.
  3. Completeness of the submission, such as documentation and a polished user experience with few bugs.
  4. Bonus points for submissions that are open source with a valid license.
  5. Bonus points for submissions that integrate a combination of Jitsi and Mattermost.

Anything submitted after the due date is not going to be evaluated, except for changes to documentation made by November 21 (23:00 GMT-0).


  • You can participate either as an individual or as part of a team. There are no limits on the number of team members. If a team with more than one member wins a cash prize, the prize will be allocated equally to all members.
  • Employees from Mattermost and Jitsi can participate, but are not eligible for the cash prizes.
  • Your submission should be developed entirely during the Hackathon period (November 10 – 17).
  • You can use any programming language to develop your solution and are encouraged to use open source libraries and other freely available systems / services.
  • Hackathon projects are submitted in GitHub. Follow the instructions above to submit your project.
  • Cash prize winners will need to submit a form with their contact information, a banking information form, and a W-9 (US based prize winners) or W-8BEN (for non-US based prize winners) form for tax purposes.
  • By participating in the hackathon, you agree to the terms and conditions (link to be added).


  1. Do I need to have any specific qualifications to be a participant for the Hackathon?
    No qualifications required. Everyone is welcome to participate in the Hackathon!
  2. How do I submit what I have made for the Hackathon?
    Please follow the submission guidelines described above.
  3. Does the entire idea have to fully work?
    No, it doesn’t need to be fully implemented. However, the submission should be functional so that it can be evaluated by the judges.
  4. Do I need to give a presentation for the product that I have built?
    There will be no live presentations. We encourage you to submit a small presentation or video that demonstrates your submission, however it’s not mandatory. In case you are one of the winners, you might be invited to demo your bot at a virtual or physical event, or write an article about it, details of which will be shared with sufficient advance notice. Such an invitation would not be mandatory to accept.


More about Mattermost

Mattermost is an open source DevOps collaboration platform for team communication across mobile, web and PC with instant search, continuous archiving and unlimited integrations. Mattermost software is used by thousands of organizations around the world in 16 languages. Mattermost, Inc. helps solve collaboration challenges for developers, operators & security teams so organizations can focus on business-critical tasks.

Download Mattermost for free today or try the Mattermost Enterprise Edition.

More about Jitsi

Jitsi is a set of open -source projects that allows you to easily build and deploy secure video conferencing solutions. At the heart of Jitsi are Jitsi Videobridge and Jitsi Meet, which let you have conferences on the internet. 8×8 is the main contributor to the Jitsi.org open -source solution, and the standalone and integrated versions of 8×8 Video Meetings are powered by Jitsi. The Jitsi.org code has been hardened with over a million downloads and in applications like banking video conferencing, education as a service platforms, and home security applications globally.

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